Notes sync feature is now available with end-to-end encryption

We are happy to announce that the Notes sync feature is now being rolled out with the latest update of the add-on. Notes sync allows you to access your notepad from different computers and backup Notes onto Mozilla’s servers. Start using the sync feature by pressing the sync button at the bottom the Notes toolbar:

Notes sync powered by Firefox Accounts & Kinto

This feature is powered by Firefox Accounts for authentication and Kinto for notes storage. Your notes are end-to-end encrypted using a key derived from your Firefox Accounts password. The sync encryption feature is based on the Firefox Sync encryption model. For example, this note string “I can sync now!” is locally encrypted with A256GCM content encryption and sent to the Kinto server instance:

Keep in mind that if you reset your Firefox Accounts password then you will not be able to decrypt your Notes data that was stored on the server. The data that was encrypted with your old password will be overwritten by your local Notes content.

Don’t forget to provide feedback using the “Give Feedback” button in Notes and report any bugs you find in the Notes issue tracker.

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