Notes v4 with multi-note support

Vlad Filippov
Apr 10, 2018 · 2 min read

Multi-note support is now available in the new Test Pilot Notes v4 update. This was the most requested feature after going through all of the user research and feedback. You may also notice more UX changes to make Notes feel more like the rest of Firefox by following the Photon design system guidelines.

Multi-note feature

In the new release, each note has a menu bar that gives you access to export, delete, and extension feedback functionality.

By using the “Send to Notes” context button, you can either create new notes or add to an existing opened note:

We also fixed a few outstanding issues, such as the “downloads” extension permission. We found a different way to build the “Export as HTML” feature and will no longer need the extra permissions.

We would like to thank our QA team for investigating and resolving over 40 bugs that were in the path of this release. Don’t forget to provide feedback using the “Give Feedback” button in Notes and report any bugs you find in the Notes issue tracker.

Firefox Test Pilot

Helping you help build Firefox

Vlad Filippov

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Web Application & Mobile Developer :: Powered by JavaScript, Rust, Python & Android

Firefox Test Pilot

Helping you help build Firefox

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