Our Older Brother

A new look for a new browser

Today is a huge day for Mozilla. We’re launching Firefox Quantum which is the fastest, best-looking, and generally most awesome browser we’ve ever released.

Until you ship significant amounts of code in Firefox, as our team did last month with Screenshots, it’s hard to get your head around exactly how detail-oriented, strategic, and precise you have to be to steer such a large, powerful ship. We couldn’t have shipped Screenshots without the gracious, patient support of many, many people on the Firefox core team. This is a huge day for these folks and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate all of the care, consideration, and hard work they’ve put in to make today possible.

We’re also excited because today marks the second time that a Test Pilot experiment has graduated into Firefox proper. In Firefox Quantum, Activity Stream will be the default homepage for Firefox! The Activity Stream team has done tremendous work overhauling one of the most visible features in Firefox. Activity Stream was one of the first experiments in Test Pilot, and we’re thrilled to see it become a core Firefox feature.

At Test Pilot, we wanted to celebrate in our own little way. The redesign of Firefox gave us a new logo, new design system, and a lot of ideas about updating our look for the Quantum release. We took these cues and integrated them into Test Pilot, and today, the site has an all-new look to match the new Firefox UI. We think the new design will serve us well as we roll out some exciting new experiments and Test Pilot features over the next few months!