Say Hi to Send 1.1.0

We’re excited to announce the arrival of Send 1.1.0. Send now supports Microsoft Edge and Safari! In addition to expanded browser support, we’ve made several other improvements:

  • You can now send files from iOS (results may vary with receiving on iOS).
  • We no longer send file hashes to the server.
  • We fixed a bug that let users accidentally cancel downloads mid-stream.
  • You can now copy to clipboard from a mobile device, and we detect if copy-to-clipboard is disabled.
  • We now ship in 36 languages!

Right now we’re working on a raft of minor fixes, before moving on to larger features such as PIN protected files and multi-file uploads. We’re hoping to maintain a steady shipping schedule in the coming weeks even though we’re losing our beloved interns. I’ll post about performance and feature improvements as they ship.