TestPilot Notes v1.9.0

Today we are beginning the rollout of the TestPilot Notes 1.9.0 update. This update brings a new editor, basic Markdown formatting and stability improvements.

Markdown formatting in Notes

New Editor

We never stop experimenting at TestPilot, this is why we decided to upgrade our editor in Notes. This new version of Notes uses the brand new CKEditor 5. This upgrade speeds up Notes, helps us keep the code modular and allows us to collaborate with the CKEditor team to build the best notes editor for the Web and Firefox. This version of CKEditor is very new, but we are very excited to where the development is going!

If you used Notes already then your existing note content should migrate to the new editor with a few minor adjustments.

Markdown formatting

Many users requested Markdown support and we are enabling the first iteration of this feature with this release. Once you get the update you will get access to the following Markdown formatting options:

  • Heading (## Title)
  • Bold (__bold__ or **bold**)
  • Italic (_italic_ or *italic*)
  • Unordered Lists (* item or -item), Ordered Lists ( 1. or 1) )

We are planning to expand the list of these formatting in the future!

Notes 1.9.0

We would like to extend a huge thank you to:

If you are interested in contributing to open source projects mentioned above, then please check out the Notes and CKEditor repositories.

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