FireMatter and NetConsulting cube Partner to Bring Innovation to Corporate CIOs

FireMatter manages global startup scouting searches for NetConsulting cube’s “Speed Innovation for CIOs” (Spinn4c) program, matching emerging vendors with the innovation and procurement needs of multinational corporations.

Apr 16, 2018 · 3 min read
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The Spinn4c project is designed primarily to address the strategic innovation and procurement needs of multinational CIOs that are looking for innovative solutions to pressing business transformation challenges and digital competitiveness problems.

Working together on this program, NetConsulting cube and FireMatter help corporate clients identify emerging technologies and vendors that match their specific requirements, and facilitate the connection between demand and supply in the marketplace.

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For the 5th consecutive year, FireMatter and NetConsulting cube are partnering to deliver global innovation and technology scouting to some of the largest Italian corporations.

The Spinn4c program focuses on a variety of domains, such as wearables, big data, AR/VR, IoT, cybersecurity, machine learning, robotics, predictive analytics and more.

Spinn4c delivers a methodical innovation scanning process where corporations articulate their requirements, technology gaps and domains of interest. This information defines the search perimeter and input to our scouting process to identify and screen only the best matching startups and vendors. Once a shortlist of startups is identified, we engage with them directly to validate product capabilities, market references and key financials. The best matching companies are invited to present during quarterly confidential meetings with the CIOs and their teams.

To date, FireMatter and NetConsulting cube have researched more than 2,000 startups and vendors for the program. More that 200 have participated in confidential, private demo days with our corporate clients. They have been selected globally, not only from Silicon Valley and other US regions, but also from Asia and Europe.

FireMatter and NetConsulting cube have a track record of identifying successful technologies and startups very early — some of the companies we scouted in their infancy have later been acquired by Google, Telefonica, Intel, Valeo, Microsoft and Accenture, among others.

“FireMatter has allowed us to be more effective in identifying emerging technologies that in short time have conquered the market successfully. They have the expertise, the flexibility and have proven to be a reliable partner.”

— Vittorio Arighi, Practice Leader and Project Manager, NetConsultingCube

About FireMatter Searchlight™

FireMatter Searchlight is the FireMatter offering focused on innovation scouting in Silicon Valley and beyond. We helps CxOs, CIOs, R&D and corporate development executives identify industry-shaping, emerging technologies for procurement, product innovation and M&A. To learn more, click here.

About NetConsulting cube

NetConsulting cube provides consulting services for procurement managers, CIOs, supply chain managers, production managers, chief digital/innovation officers. Its offering includes benchmarking, outsourcing selection, Industry 4.0 and specific technology vendor selection, product and services innovation through digital technologies. The Spinn4c methodology is largely used also to support M&A strategies at vendors’ side. For more information, contact


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