FireMatter to Offer Detecon Innovation Radar to Boost Technology Scouting Services

FireMatter and Detecon Innovation Institute are partnering to combine an advanced technology trends analysis platform with proven scouting expertise.

To further the breadth of its innovation scouting services and meet growing demand for early detection of technology trends, FireMatter is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with the Detecon Innovation Institute, a world-leading ICT consulting firm with more than 40 years of experience, offering solutions in the fields of strategy, organization, processes, HR and technology management.

Detecon is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG (T-Mobile) and supports companies and telecommunications providers around the globe, helping them build and retain their competitive advantage against the competition. It has supported customers in more than 2,000 projects in over 165 countries.

Searchlight, FireMatter’s suite of innovation and technology scouting services, helps CXOs, R&D and M&A executives in identifying and evaluating industry-shaping emerging technologies, vendors and startups. FireMatter supports clients in scouting vendors, orchestrating partnerships and executing transactions.

FireMatter helps clients identify new markets and opportunities in a complex, ever-changing landscape of innovation.

As part of the partnership, FireMatter will couple Searchlight with the Detecon Innovation Radar, a web-based tool that aggregates comprehensive information about hundreds of global technology trends and opportunities.

This combination of tools, expertise and data will enable a more accurate way to identify and evaluate the latest technology changes, use cases, and companies related to domains of interest, including:

  • Trend & Opportunities tracking. Trends and opportunities are constantly updated, keeping track of all relevant new market opportunities and threats in the industry.
  • Market and Technology Conditions. A fully integrated, connected and customized content plans that provide profound technology and industry insights in several areas.
  • Cross-connected Inspiration Database. A comprehensive Inspirations database that maps trends, technologies and business models analogies allowing customers to “connect the dots” more meaningfully.
  • User-defined Content. Managed, tailored plans that address specific innovation content needs for individual customers.
The Innovation Radar visualization tool.

Corporations seeking to leverage rapidly-evolving technology to expand their markets are continuously looking for new opportunities. Given the sheer amount of innovation being created worldwide, companies that aim to fend off competitors must continuously scan and monitor technological trends and focus on those most relevant to their business strategy and outcome.

The Innovation Radar, with its focus on early detection of global technology trends, is a perfect complement to FireMatter’s innovation and technology scouting expertise.

You can request a free, 30-day trial here.

About FireMatter Searchlight™

FireMatter Searchlight is the FireMatter offering focused on innovation scouting in Silicon Valley and beyond. We helps CxOs, CIOs, R&D and corporate development executives identify industry-shaping, emerging technologies for procurement, product innovation and M&A.

About Detecon International GmbH

Detecon International is one of the world’s leading management consulting companies, one which combines classic management consulting with outstanding technological expertise. Headquartered in Germany, it has offices in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the US.