Introducing the Innovation & Startup Scouting Databases Report 2018

An in-depth look at CB Insights, Crunchbase, Linknovate, Mergeflow and Resolute Innovation.

Today, we release a new report that provides an in-depth look at five widely used technology scouting tools: CB Insights, Crunchbase, Linknovate, Mergeflow and Resolute Innovation. You can download a free copy of our Innovation & Startup Scouting Databases report here.

Data-driven scouting is here.

Almost 3,500 new patents are granted worldwide… every single day. Half a trillion dollars a year are spent in R&D in the US alone. The amount of innovation that is being created around the world is staggering.

New tools and services are emerging that leverage data and machine learning to help users investigate innovation and startups. They aggregate hundreds of data sources on technologies, innovators, patents, grants, research, startups, VC financing, M&A activity and investors, mapping out ecosystems and the global flow of innovation.

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FireMatter’s Searchlight is our suite of innovation and technology scouting services. We routinely helps CXOs, R&D and M&A executives in identifying and evaluating industry-shaping emerging technologies, vendors and startups.

We know that innovation scouting is a complex task and that’s why we decided to embark on this research. We wrote the Innovation & Startup Scouting Databases report for corporate innovation executives, R&D managers, corporate development and business analysts whose jobs involve scouting technology, innovations and the startup ecosystem.

In the report, we evaluate each database’s sources, depth and reach, according to a range of criteria, we describe their search and visualization features, highlight unique capabilities and provides graphs and figures that show how these platforms work.

Yep, the spider diagram.

To help in understanding how these innovation tools work, we provide a quantitative and qualitative index of performance along five axis, summarized in a spider diagram for each tools in this report. We scored each tool according to five different criteria. Each criteria score results from a weighted average of a range of sub-criteria. Specifically:

  • Geography summarizes the degree of global coverage of the underlying data, in terms of geographic distribution of company data, deals data and other information such as patents, scientific research, events, universities and grants (if applicable).
  • Financial Data refers to the depth and richness of information about the financial performance of the companies listed in the database, deal flow, investment and M&A transactions recorded.
  • R&D Data refers to the depth and richness of data about research organizations, scope of IP information in the topics they cover, information about projects, grants as well as profiling of scientists and researchers.
  • Company Data refers to the depth and richness of company and startup data, such as a company’s history, its transactions, its products and services, its management team and key employees and other company-specific information.
  • Features & Tools summarizes a host of criteria about the overall usability, features and business value of the tools themselves, such as for example, the quality of visualization tools, search interfaces, algorithms, mobile tools, saved lists and automation and general usability.

Click here to download a copy of FireMatter’s Innovation & Startup Scouting Databases report.

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