Issue 38 is live!

What a week. We’re still digesting the election of a racist, misogynist autocrat-in-waiting. Fireside has always been a reflection of progressive, inclusive values, and we will be doubling and tripling down on that in resistance to the awful potential of this administration. We’re taking next month off, but we’ll be back in January with new stories and a new plan for this new reality. We won’t be silenced. We will be right here.

January will mark the end of Year 4. Year 5 will look different, and one big change will be the discontinuation of our self-hosted ebook subscription. We are making a lot of technical changes behind the scenes, and we can’t continue with the subscription. (You’ll still be able to access any issue you have from your subscriptions.) So if you were a Year 4 subscriber, please consider becoming a backer on our Patreon. You’ll be able to get new ebooks there, and continue to support our mission. And if you’re not a Year 4 subscriber or Patreon backer, please also consider our Patreon. We need your support, now more than ever.

In the meantime, Issue 38 is live, and you can read online here!

This month we open with an aching little ghost story by Fireside alum Caroline Yoachim, Paperclips and Memories and Things That Won’t Be Missed. Next up is Sometimes the Crossroads Come to You, a terrific time-travel story from Mikki Kendall. And finally there is another story that guest editor Daniel José Older selected, Dragon Soap by M.K. Hutchins. It’s a gorgeous trip into the swamp, both the humid kind and the human kind.

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