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Colexion and FireStarter

Colexion — Exclusive and Authenticated NFT’s

Colexion is a premium NFT marketplace focused on connecting celebrities and fans through the Metaverse and Web3 technologies. By partnering with more than 50 international athletes, celebrities, and sports leagues, the platform aims to be the go-to-market place for some of Asia’s most notable stars. The pre-sale launch of their $CLXN Token, will be available for FireStarter community members and $FLAME Token Holders.


🏆 Exclusive NFT Licensing Platform — Cricket, Bollywood, & Celebrity Stars

🏆 5 Million Raised — Join some of the best investors in DeFi!

🏆 Colexion Virtual Museum — VR experiences for Fans and Athletes

The Colexion Virtual Museum

As the platform grows, Colexion will roll out variouse Virtual Museums to be experienced online and in VR. Their first, with Cricketer Yuvraj Sing, showcases iconic moments and his breathtaking journey — all available to experience and own through NFT’s.

Sending a Cricket Bat to Space!
Colexion launched satellite NFT’s carrying prized possessions of the Indian cricketer . They partnered with the 2011 ODI World Cup-winning batsman Yuvraj to release his NFTs with augmented reality for this initiative. A hot-air balloon carrying Yuvraj’s iconic bat, which he used to register his first-ever century in the 2003 ODI match against Bangladesh in Dhaka, was launched from Earth and sent into on orbit. It later sold for 16 ETH and was one of the most successful marketing campaigns in NFT history.

Exclusive NFT’s from your favorite Cricket Stars and Celebrities

Colexion offers NFTs from different industries including Sports, Entertainment, Art, and Fashion. With a focus on Cricket and Bollywood, their marketplace caters to a massive audience ready for fan-engaged NFT experiences. Their exclusive rights of more than 40 international cricketers, 10 Bollywood stars, and various sports leagues have a combined social media social reach of over 500 million fans.

Cricket Athletes on the Colexion NFT Platform
Entertainment Partners for Exclusive NFT Licensing

Colexion Tokenomics

The $CLXN Token will follow the below Tokenomics and Vesting Schedule. FireStarter has been allocated $150,000 out of Public Sale Fundraising.

$5 Million Raised

As one of Asia’s quickest growing NFT marketplaces, Colexion has already raised $5 Million from various investment firms and private supporters like Polygon, Jump Capital, MoonRock Capital, and Alan Howard to name a few.

About Colexion
Colexion is the world’s largest licensed NFT marketplace bridging the gap between traditional collectibles and the emerging digital collectibles market. Non Fungible Tokens have turned crypto-art into a valuable asset. With the advanced technology and tools, Colexion is set to become the most reliable and trustworthy NFT marketplace to create, sell and buy licensed NFTs.

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About FireStarter

FireStarter is an IMO launchpad that incubates metaverse crypto projects for long-term success. In de-risking for investors and bringing credibility to projects, FireStarter can create an environment early project supporter feel comfortable partaking in. For project owners, FireStarter is able to super-charge their existing community and usher in their own $FLAME token holders. Establishing an early product market fit, and setting projects up for a successful launch.

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