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Hiro and The FireStarter Champions

NFT’s for early access to incubated project IMO’s.

🔥 Own a Flare to Ignite a Champion. All 11,111 Flares have been claimed. 10,000 from our free Telegram drop, and 1,111 from Twitter links through Network Partners.

🔥 Hiro- Guaranteed access to the pre-sale rounds of incubated IMO projects.

🔥 The FireStarter Champions — Tiered rarity and utility. From Hiro to Sev. Join the Metaverse.

Own a Flare. Ignite a Champion
The FireStarter Champions give an extra opportunity for holders to gain access to the IMO funding process. Our first Champion — Hiro is available through the platform and exclusively for FireStarter Flare NFT holders. Those lucky enough to have picked up a Flare or purchased one through the secondary market, have a chance to ignite 1 of 200 ultra-exclusive Hiro NFT’s for expanded platform benefits. Please note only wallets that KYC will be able to utilize the benefits of their respective Champion. Should you not be able to KYC at this time, you may still ignite, own, and trade.

Hiro — Ultra Rare NFT
Hiro, an NFT on the Polygon Blockchain, not only gives holders access to the private FireStarter Metaverse Discord, signifies Token Airdrop Eligibility, and provides avenues for Platform Governance, but most notably guarantees holders access to the pre-sale funding rounds of FireStarter’s incubated project IMO’s.

The FireStarter Champions
As our ecosystem grows, a new Champion will be revealed and added to the FireStarter Metaverse. Allowing additional Flare’s to be ignited, and more community members to upgrade. With a look below, you can see the utility of four future Champions- Hiro, Diamond, Zolt, and Sev. Please note, a small percentage of Champion NFT’s will be held for the FS treasury, and never to be sold on the open market; the rest will be distributed via Chainlink VRF Randomizer on the platform.

Guaranteed Access to the Pre-Sale funding rounds of our incubated projects is exclusive to Hiro and high-tier $FLAME holders. However through the Champions, all levels of platform, token, and nft integration can be explored.

Guaranteed Access — Hiro holders will be able to guarantee access to the pre-sale funding rounds of all IMO launches, while also receiving exclusive perks on the platform. They will be able to access the minimum guaranteed allocation amount without having to lock additional $FLAME. Allocation amount is specified to each pre-sale, dependent on total amount of the raise and number of users with guaranteed allocation.

Hiro holders may still lock additional $FLAME to reach higher tiers. Those wishing to upgrade, will need to lock the difference between the current tier, and tier they wish to reach. All $FLAME Tier information will be available soon.

Whitelisting — Incubated projects accept a limited amount of whitelist applicants to participate. Holding Diamond will allow your wallet to be included with those accepted from the larger pool. This does not guarantee allocation, and you will still need to lock $FLAME to gain a tier. Be on the look out for the release of Diamond. Hiro is eligible for guaranteed access, thus automatically whitelisted for IMO’s — all NFT holders must still apply to the whitelist.

Airdrop Eligibility — Throughout the year, opportunities will arise for token and nft airdrops to be claimed by Champion holders. Hiro, Diamond, Zolt, and Sev will all be eligible. Please note holding multiple Champions or Flares does not entitle the wallet holder to larger airdrop amounts.

FireStarter Metaverse Discord Access — Platform governance proposals, Metaverse event invites, upgrade opportunities, and a dedicated channel to the true FireStarter. Available to all Champions, and no one else.

Own Them All. Own The Future.

Champions Glory — If you do not win at this time, keep an eye out for future ignition events as all Flares will ignite at some point. Should you be lucky enough to own at least one of each Champion upon the completion of our mints, a special prize awaits you — The Champions Glory.

The secondary market sale of Flares and Champions can be found and is accessible only on OpenSea.

The Metaverse Champions OpenSea collection will be updated shortly.

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