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The Future of Digital Asset Protection

REV3AL is a digital copyright protection and anti-counterfeit solution for creators & intellectual property owners. The $REV3L Token will be launching via KuCoin on 6/30/22.

🦁 IMO Begins :
6/30/22 @ 12:00 AM UTC — NO WHITELISTING

🦁 Multi-Layer Authentication — On-Chain and Off-Chain integrated security.

🦁 Secure Asset Registry & Portable API— Encrypt unique identifiers before minting and register for added security.

🦁KuCoin Burn Drop and Partners — $REV3L Token will Providing any marketplace a robust security solution.

The $REV3L Token will be launching on KuCoin — Starting with the on 6/28! 🔥


The brainchild of a team with decades of experience in on-chain and off-chain asset security. REV3AL applies similar principles of physical asset protection to offer multi-layer security solutions for detecting fake NFTs and counterfeit digital material. The technology caters to creators, collectors, marketplaces, and intellectual property owners.

Their Multi-Layer Authentication Platform give users the ability to digitaly inscribed before minting. Thus when minted, their secret signature is still attached and can therefore be authenticated on REVE3L.

A key security layer, The Registry provides accountability and unauthorized misuse. REV3AL’s Registry helps identify digital assets and prevents duplicates. Data is inextricably linked to to the platform, as well as the blockchain. Using imaging software and advanced perceptive hashing, the assets can be identified post-mint. This technology and API will be made available for easy Marketplace plug-in and greater audience use.

REV3AL’s partners and tokenomics show their vision for the long-term success. FireStarter is excited to join among the ranks.

The $REV3L Token will follow the below Tokenomics and Vesting Schedule. FireStarter has been allocated $100,000 out of Public Round Fundraising.

$REV3L IMO Details

Users with $FLAME Power before 6/29/22 are automatically whitelisted for REV3AL IMO, with allocation amount based on your current tier or participation in the Hiro Pool — 7% of total raise. Please check your Wallet, Participation Round, and Allocation Amount below.

🔥 ➡️ ⬅️🔥

FireStarter Public Pre-Sale Allocation: $100,000 USDT
IMO Public Pre-Sale Date: 6/30/22
Base Allocation: $250
$REV3L Token Pric
e: $.025 BUSD
Network: BSC

REV3AL Whitelisting

  • Open to all $FLAME Holders

Guaranteed Access IMO and Hiro Pool — Public Pre-Sale:

  • Guaranteed Opens: 6/30/22 @ 12:00 AM UTC
  • Guaranteed Closes: 6/30/22@ 3:00 AM UTC

FCFS Lottery IMO — Public Pre-Sale:

  • FCFS Lottery Opens: 6/30/22 @ 3:00 AM UTC
  • FCFS Lottery Closes: 6/30/22 @ 9:00 AM UTC

Surprise Lottery IMO — Public Pre-Sale

  • Winners Announced: TBA

About REV3AL
REV3AL technology employs similar multiple authentication factors to keep digital assets safe on-chain and off-chain. Users can securely run the authentication process on-chain, while also using an specialized decoder for off-chain authentication of their digital assets.

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About FireStarter

FireStarter is an IMO launchpad that incubates metaverse crypto projects for long-term success. In de-risking for investors and bringing credibility to projects, FireStarter can create an environment early project supporter feel comfortable partaking in. For project owners, FireStarter is able to super-charge their existing community and usher in their own $FLAME token holders. Establishing an early product market fit, and setting projects up for a successful launch.

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