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Tier Updates and Lockup 2.0

Lock $FLAME, Get Access, Receive Rewards

The FireStarter Team has been hard at work the past few weeks implementing our brand new single token lockup’s for $FLAME holders. We’ve taken community feedback, tested, and are happy to introduce four new single token lock-ups ready for $FLAME holders — 30 Day, 180 Day, 1 Year and 3 Year.

These new locking options include $FLAME multipliers, $FLAME APY, and additional exclusive rewards. They have been designed to reflect the long-term vision of the FireStarter Platform and $FLAME Token Holders.

Once your wallet is connected, the Lockup 2.0 can be accessed under the Account tab.

  • All lockups will contribute to $FLAME Power and your Tier Status.
  • APY Rewards are claimable on the left of the interface under “My Locks”.
  • QS-LP Token Staking will still take place on the Staking Page.
  • Lockup 1.0 will still contribute to FLAME Power, but users will need to re-lock on 2.0 to participate in the single token APY rewards.
  • Hiro NFT can be burned to unlock without any penalties.

Tier Updates

In order to align with the high allocation sizes, value of projects, and market conditions — FireStarters Tiers require an update. The new tiers we developed have been crafted to better reflect value towards the $FLAME token and the community as a whole. With our soon to launch blockchain bridge, and the new influx of new users it will create, FireStarter must pivot to poise itself for growth.

Grandfather Clause — In order to support or long term community members a snapshot will be taken prior to the rollout of the new tiers. Any community member who has had an ongoing locked or staked position dating back to Monday Jan 31, 2022 [by 11:59 UTC] will be grandfathered into original FireStarter tiers.

*This applies only to the amount locked or staked prior to new tier implementation. New tokens locked or staked will be calculated at new 2.0 rates.

Top 100 Leaderboard = Guaranteed Access

Previously, only the Top 25 Wallets and Hiro Holders received guaranteed allocation. We felt this left out some of our top contributing community members as only 225 Wallets took up almost 70%-80% of the overall community allocation. The Top 100 on the leaderboard will now receive guaranteed allocation, with Hiro holders able to participate in their own separate Hiro Pool for their guaranteed allocation.

The Hiro Pool

The Hiro Pool will be accessed exclusively through holding a Hiro. The Hiro Pool will also be used to fund smaller project allocations and be able to help fund any excess allocation amount left over from the FCFS Round. Previously Hiro Holders, including those who did not hold any $FLAME, were able to receive up to 50% of the entire community pool. The Hiro Pool will now make up 5–10% of the total raise — but still have guaranteed allocation.

Hiro Pool Logic:

  • IF a Hiro Holder Wallet ID is included in the top 100 in leaderboard THEN they solely get top 100 Allocation.
  • IF a Hiro Holder Wallet ID is not included in the top 100 in leaderboard THEN they solely get access to the Hiro Pool.

The Lava Pits

To further support the long term supporters and projects we incubate, we have created a new pool called The Lava Pit. In order to qualify for The Lava Pit Pool, you can do one of the following:

  • 1 Year Lock — Lock greater than 40,000 $FLAME in the one year lock. While it is locked for a year, you will earn 13% APY and a FLAME power multiplier of 1.8X
  • 3 Year Lock — Lock greater than 25,000 $FLAME in the three year lock. While it is locked for three years, you will earn 23% APY and a FLAME power multiplier of 2.5X

About FireStarter

FireStarter is an IMO launchpad that incubates metaverse crypto projects for long-term success. In de-risking for investors and bringing credibility to projects, FireStarter can create an environment early project supporter feel comfortable partaking in. For project owners, FireStarter is able to super-charge their existing community and usher their own $FLAME token holders. Establishing an early product market fit, and setting projects up for a successful launch.

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