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Metaverse game blockbuster “Free Guy” exploded in popularity. How FIREWORK GAMES broke the boundary between the metaverse and reality

Free Guy” scores top spot: Rather than accepting your fate, better to change the world

“If one day you found out that you are just a NPC “Non-player character” in the game, will you continue to play, or choose another path, or even change the rules of the game?”

This problem not only exists in the main character’s heart (The bank teller) in the “Free Guy”, but also in the hearts of you and me as the audience. While the bank teller has already concluded his answer, we are still looking for it.

“Free guy” shows us our reality can establish the link to the metaverse by gaming. In the game scene shown in the movie, the player has a unique virtual identity and can interact with people in this world. The foundation of such kind of virtual social interaction requires great immersion, low latency, and the ability to access anytime, anywhere. Not only that player can be completely immersed in the metaverse, experiencing a different life parallel to the real world, but he/she get the opportunities to choose the path one wishes to experience.

In 2020, the explosive growth of DeFi created an evolution based on cryptology, comparable to the transition of riding horses to driving cars. We expect the constantly evolving Defi space in 2021 to combine with NFT, the metaverse, and GameFi. According to data from Dune Analytics, OpenSea, as the largest NFT trading market, has set a historical transaction record of US$3.425 billion, and multiple NFTs have also been auctioned at sky-high prices.

In the metaverse, a parallel world constructed by NFTs, themarking the ownership of native digital assets is a very important part of the metaverse. GameFi is in the core of NFT space. In layman terms, GameFi combines games with DeFi, adding financial attributes to the game, presenting financial products in the form of games, and the NFTs of these game props are the most common form of it.

GameFi is not just a game, its great financial characteristics combines with entertainment value, creates a huge explosive potential.

FIREWORK GAMES, a dream factory for gaming that breaks the boundary between virtual world and reality

“ Stepping stone to create metaverse -FIREWORK GAMES Game Platform”

In the current real world, the best way to enter the metaverse world is through an effective “stepping stone”. A shortcut which accelerates the development between the real world and the metaverse world, and the goal of FIREWORK GAMES blockchain gaming platform is to serve such a role. Through FIREWORK GAMES, anyone can freely create, play, enjoy and play their own parallel world role.

In traditional games, players, as the main participants and users, assisting the growth of the game day and night, but do not receive any monetary gains. Whether it is game items or accounts, the ownership is in the hands of game developers. Blockchain games, especially the birth of NFT games, have allowed players to become the real winners and beneficiaries. Game props, characters, etc. have digital proof of rights and interests.

In the stage of evolution from traditional games to blockchain games, FIREWORK GAMES has built a bridge to provide technical support, platform support, funding and community governance for traditional games to advance to the next level, and reduce player entry requirement through blockchain technology. It solves the biggest shortcoming of the low popularity of blockchain games on the market, including independent game producers, global game players, independent art workers, and art collectors, all of whom will be diversified in the FIREWORK GAMES platform services.

To demonstrate we have the abilities, resources and manpower to create such service, FIREWORK GAMES is currently developing a variety of games. Among them, a role-playing massively multiplayer online global metaverse game (MMORPG) based on the interstellar background-”SPARK ERA” will be officially launched as the first game.

Your interstellar journey “SPARK ERA”

This is a CG screenshot of the developing SPARK ERA

SPARK ERA: The real metaverse world under the law of the “Dark Forest”.

SPARK ERA” is developed based on blockchain technology, Combining both GameFi and NFT gaming assets as the core to advance the ecological construction of the game. In “SPARK ERA”, players will play the role of star citizens of different races based on the cruel faction confrontation under the law of the “Dark Forest”. Players can build and upgrade interstellar warships in the game, conduct interstellar commercial trading, NFT empowered mineral collection, NFT card battles, planetary auctions, space station construction, real star exploration and strategic confrontation and other activities.

SPARK ERA: “Five Steps guide” will bring you across reality and into the virtual metaverse.

Different from the earth online (i.e. real life), in “SPARK ERA”, the rich game design and logically rigorous background environment construction allows global players to maximize the thrill of immersive NFT games. Compared with the current blockchain GameFi and NFT games on the market, “SPARK ERA” has many natural advantages.

(1) Top international game production team

As the first self-developed game of FIREWORK GAMES, relying on the advantages of an international development team, each team member has more than 10 years of game production experience, many of whom have participated in dozens of companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Tencent Games, NetEase Games, Ubisoft, etc. Triple A-level game developers produced by an internationally renowned game companies.

(2) High capacity global server

As a role-playing massively multiplayer online meta-universe game in the context of interstellar, players are an important part of MMOPRG. “SPARK ERA” is produced through the Unity engine to support players from all over the world in real-time battles with the universe. The highest possible support 20W people are online at the same time, which can be said to be one of the top games in the instantaneous capacity of the meta-universe role-playing category.

(3) Innovative entertainment experience

In the game “SPARK ERA”, four factions will be introduced and confrontations are inevitable. Confederation of Earth, Oman Swarm, Noda Imperium and Eternal Protoss all have their own worldview background and racial characteristics, players within their own race have the options to form guild, hence enhance social interactions, which enhance a richer gaming experience.

In addition, the upcoming Loot NFT series will take everyone into the unreal universe world of SPARK ERA in advance.

In the game “SPARK ERA”, four factions will be introduced and confrontations are inevitable. Confederation of Earth, Oman Swarm, Noda Imperium and Eternal Protoss all have their own worldview background and racial characteristics, players within their own race have the options to form guild, hence enhance social interactions, which enhance a richer gaming experience.

(4) High-burning meta-universe competitive atmosphere

Following the ”Dark Forest” law, which governs the SPARK ERA universe. The game supports battles between players. NFT game assets and planets between different guilds and different players can be occupied and seized by launching wars. Under the “”Dark Forest”” rule, every player is a hunter with a gun, fighting mercilessly in the silent universe. The large-scale chaos between the guilds will be even more cruel, because the rewards and losses between the guilds will be infinitely magnified, encouraging players to enter competition daily.

(5) Construction of immersive game environment

All game content in “SPARK ERA” is built by the FIREWORK GAMES team. Pure original characters and high-precision original picture quality are the keys to players’ enjoyment of immersive games. In traditional games, the art and UI of “EVE Online” have always been highly praised, and the art creation team of “SPARK ERA” has many creators of AAA games. Even many art workers have participated in the art creation of “EVE Online”. “SPARK ERA” will have the one of the most impressive game arts of all NFT metaverse game currently available.

This is a CG screenshot of the developing SPARK ERA


In the SPARK ERA plan, the entire game will undergo three versions of iterative development and gameplay increase.

V1: SPARK ERA: Origin: Open the box or buy NFT cards, provide early open registration of Loot NFT, random cosmic events, stories and factions battles to improve the overall combat power of players’ level and their spaceships.

This is a screenshot of the login interface of developing SPARK ERA

V2: SPARK ERA: Revelations: The dual-token economic model and TCG cards RANK ranking competition, land/planet auctions, battleships upgrade, interstellar pets and other updated content. 3D enhancement added.

The current screenshot represents V2 SPARK ERA: Revelations’ original NFT game cards

V3: SPARK ERA: Eternal Galaxy: Full on Interstellar warfare under the law of “Dark Forest”. In the V3 version, players can experience a rich and complete metaverse game world, freely explore in the endless 3D galaxy, one on one battle and guild/faction war event will be introduced, gaining honor and benefits for their own faction guild. In the endless galaxy, the fierce battle is not only a simple battle of force, but also a competition and PK “Player killed” between the wisdom of the strong. The blood-boiled battle is on the verge, and the dark forest is filled with smoke… Players will be able to enjoy gameplay and receive monetary gains throughout the SPARK ERA Trilogy.

V3 is currently under development: SPARK ERA: Eternal Galaxy’s loading scene, metaverse interior construction, etc

Breakthrough the true embodiment of virtual and reality: Play to Earn

As GameFi is gaining traction in current market, the game industry has ushered in a new explosive point. When DEFI integrates the asset chain into the game in the form of encrypted tokens, players truly enjoy the joy of “Play to Earn”.

“SPARK ERA” is based on the economic model under the law of the Dark Forest, and it will be a brand-new metaverse world for players. At the same time, “SPARK ERA” will release game assets within the framework of SPARK ERA’s basic worldview in the near future, it will combine the opinions of the community every quarter to carry out non-destructive image quality iterations of assets that were not good enough in the past to make them more valuable for collection.

“SPARK ERA” uses FIREWORK GAMES to break through the boundary between virtual and reality, giving players an exciting galactic experience. At the same time, players can gain game revenue through the upgrade of interstellar warships, interstellar commerce, NFT empowered mineral collection, NFT card battles, planet auctions, and Space station construction in the promotion of the game plot of the metaverse interstellar exploration, to achieve “Play To Earn”.

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Firework Games is a decentralized self-development and release platform of blockchain games. The infrastructure is designed to facilitate access to blockchain-based games and build a bridge for traditional games to evolve into blockchain games.

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