Spark Era Brings Its Interstellar Battlefield To The Sandbox

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5 min readJul 11, 2022


At Spark Era, we are committed to creating a world-class gaming environment that combines the look and feel of traditional gaming with blockchain and AI technology, to offer an immersive, real-life-like gameplay experience unlike any other on the planet.

While we continue to work on our game development, we realize that an essential aspect of our growth and future success is partners and communities who share our vision and values.

So today, we are very excited to announce that The Sandbox will be assisting us with the preparation to bring intergalactic warfare to the ultimate voxel metaverse!

Spark Era will be developing its own land in The Sandbox to introduce our game to a new community of blockchain and gaming enthusiasts and bring interoperability to our characters and game story through interactive experiences.

The Sandbox

A subsidiary of Animoca brands, The Sandbox is a voxel-graphic virtual playground where players can play, build, create, own and monetize virtual spaces and experiences. With partnerships that include Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Deadmaus, Atari, and The Care Bears, among numerous other heavy hitters in the world of entertainment, brands and gaming, The Sandbox metaverse is the ideal virtual world for creators, fans and gamers to connect, play and interact.

Spark Era Into The Sandbox

The Sandbox will play an integral role in introducing blockchain gaming enthusiasts to Spark Era, enabling players to become familiar with the game story and characters, along with opportunities to win tokens and NFT prizes.

Through interactive games and competitions, participants will be able to learn the roles of each of the game’s four factions; Confederation of Earth, Empire of Amda, Esman Zerg and Titans (Eternal Protoss), and translate that knowledge into Spark Era’s PUBG-style gameplay. With the first Sandbox experience ready to deploy, gamers will not have to wait long to jump into the Spark Era story.

Scientist from the Empire of Amda

Along with the regular addition of new games and opportunities, an NFT marketplace will allow players to buy, sell or trade in-game assets. The NFTs acquired through participation in The Sandbox will fully function in the Spark Era metaverse to enable seamless interoperability between the two metaverses.

“The Sandbox’s Spark Era experience presents a unique opportunity for us to introduce Spark Era to a large established community of gamers and an ideal environment to interactively fill in the blanks and tell the story behind our game and characters, which can then be applied to the actual Spark Era gameplay itself. We believe that The Sandbox experience will help to expand our brand and community, to build a sustainable, interoperable virtual world that connects and enables players from any metaverse environment to participate in interactive, enjoyable gameplay. In addition, we want to thank our friends at Metalympics for organizing this special event.”

Radeesh — CEO Firework Games

Spark Era is a PUBG-style interstellar metaverse game where players can choose from an extensive collection of heroes, roles, and spaceships to engage in exciting, white-knuckle gameplay. The integration of AI-enhanced non-player characters, along with stunning graphics, will create a real-life-like environment where players can unleash their skills and imagination in the battle for intergalactic supremacy. Spark Era’s space in The Sandbox will enable new players to explore the game, choose their role and prepare for the ultimate battle.

About Us

Firework Games is an innovative technology focused gaming studio. The infrastructure is designed to facilitate innovative gaming experiences for both web2.0 and web3.0 users. The Studio emphasizes its ability to create fun mobile applications and immersiveness into gaming, allowing users to have easy access to our games while bringing innovative integration within our ecosystem, and into the gaming industry.

R&D is also the firm’s major focus. The goal is to create an immersive metaverse, predicted by AI based on each user’s prior behaviors, while users can be in the same dimension, their perception is unique — tailored to each user’s desires. In brief, our developers are ex Tencent and NetEase, AI department located in California and Vietnam. The first game that the studio developed is Spark Era, the beta version is currently open on PC/VR, and the official launch of the Android/iOS in August 2022.

Trailer of Spark Era into Sandbox:

About Metalympics

Metalympics is a leading ESports organizer on The Sandbox. The speedrun competitions have been sponsored by the co-founder and COO of The Sandbox Sebastien Borget with 20,000+ SAND, attracting hundreds of thousands of Tweet impressions and 2,000+ followers on Twitter. Metalympics, as a certified metaverse agency listed on the official whitepaper of The Sandbox, has served a number of corporate partners and clients from different industries, including Firework Games, Music Hotpot, HKU, and more. They have effectively brought their identity to The Sandbox and delivered clear messages to their target audience.

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