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5 min readApr 10, 2022


The world’s first 3D galactic PUBG-style,

VR-ready blockchain mobile game.

Spark Era: Gearup for Wars

Spark Era is an immersive VR-ready, 3D mobile game that takes place in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world where the last humans from Earth are fighting for survival while competing against the other three factions. The game is set in a galactic environment and features both PvE and PvP gameplay. Players can team up with other players, and ultimately battle their ways in the harsh conditions of the universe. Spark Era is built on top of the Unity engine and utilizes blockchain technology to create a truly decentralized gaming experience. The game will be available in May 2022 on iOS, Android, VR, and later on the PC.


1. Gameplay introduction

Spark Era: Signup screen

Following the narrative of the four factions’ interplanetary warfare, there will be a variety of battlegrounds in which players can view different stunning space phenomena in VR. The starry sky is full of debris and wreckage.

Spark Era: Gearup for Wars screenshot

Dense meteorite belts, gas giant planets, black holes, space stations that harbor life, and the wrecks of spacecraft and space stations, drifting alone in the starry sky, suggest a high-intensity conflict has erupted. Players may freely move between resource areas belonging to separate factions, and they could even be drawn into a perplexing wormhole. All of these features will be accessible by controlling your personalized spacecraft.

2. Game Rules

The basic rules are as follows:

1. Each battle will have a time limit. There are numerous powerful gamma-ray bursts in the depths of space. If you are exposed to these gamma-ray bursts, your ship will be badly damaged and ultimately destroyed. Sensors on your spaceship will alert you to the presence of these gamma-ray bursts by sending an alarm to your helmet HUD. To seek safety, enter the safe zone which will be shown on your holo-map.

2. Your shots will first blast the energy shield of an enemy ship during combat, after a set amount of damage, the shield will be destroyed, and direct damage will be applied to the opponent’s ship (health).

3. Recovery in the automatic recovery state occurs if you flee from an enemy attack and avoid their pursuit. Please note that although the spaceship’s shield will gradually recover, not your health, and if your shield is destroyed, recovery will not be initiated.

4. When you destroy an opponent’s spacecraft, you can collect and equip his NFT weapons from the debris. During combat, you may test out the considerably powerful weapons if your adversary has strong weapons. These guns, on the other hand, are only available for a limited time. When the fight is over, these seized pieces of equipment will be removed from your inventory.

5. Each player’s performance will be recorded in the Leaderboard, prizes will be given to players who enter the winning list, and rewards for each round can include fire tokens or ship modifications, NFTs, or other collectibles from our metaverse.

In summary, kill as many enemies as possible and survive to the end.

3. Various forms of warfare

Spark Era: Forms of Warfare

A variety of team formation methods are provided. The fundamental rule applies, but instead of fighting alone, players have the option to fight in a number of modes.

Temporary allies: This mode allows players to join forces as a group of two or four and fight as a temporary ensemble.

Battle of the Guilds: Guilds can wager against other guilds, to engage in the wagering mode, you must be in a guild, x amount of fire will be needed and the opponents will also match with the equal amount. The winning guild will be rewarded with the pool of fire in the wager. (A small percentage of fire will be applied as a fee)

Weekly competitions will be held in Esports mode. Players will compete in successive battles until the last one remaining. The survivor of each round receives a reward, and the stakes increase with each round.

No action is required from players as we release new modes throughout our updates.

II. Ship customization

1. Customizable parts and weapons

You can customize your interstellar ships with parts and weapons

The player may choose their own NFT ship to fight in the battle. Ships have varying levels of speed, attack rate, shield strength, and health. The following are the settings for NFT spaceship guidelines. There could be some variation from the final release, however.

Collect your favorite interstellar ships!
Interstellar ship statistics

At the same time, we may outfit the spacecraft with a variety of spacecraft weapons and equipment. These add-ons include energy engines, quantum shields, laser cannons, and other gadgets. They give the spacecraft various characteristics such as speed, shield strength, damage capability, and so on. There are numerous combinations listed below, allowing players to personalize their ships, allowing different players to achieve the best suitable result correlated to their fighting style.

Ship upgradable devices

2. Energy Core distribution System

Aside from enhancing your ship, Core energy can also be diverted into three power systems: Engine Power, Weapon Power, and Shield Power.

There is a set amount of power available to your starfighter that is distributed across these systems. The power is allocated equally among the systems by default. However, you may divert resources to any system as needed in order to give it an advantage.

For example: If you want to go even faster, for example, you may draw power from the primary weapons and shields and send it to the engines, allowing you to reach your top speed. It’s also important to bear in mind that boosting the power of a system improves its advantage, but the performance of other systems is diminished.

III. DIY Workshop — Monetize your creation

In the future update, we will create an environment where players will be able to customize their own parts with a great degree of freedom, mint them into NFTs, and sell it on our NFT market!