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[Introduction]Blockchain Architect, Bullisay Park

Hi, community members of Firmachain!

Today, we are going to introduce you to our blockchain architect..

Bullisay Park!

  1. What do you do for the project?

I am in charge of the overall process of project development and blockchain dapp development. I am currently engaged in creating the e-contract service which let companies to finish contracts rapidly and where FCT could be used as payment.

2. What made you join the project?

It was when I started to make cryptocurrency trading bots, that I started to have interest in blockchain. I have started the program just out of interest, but as I more studied the technology itself, the more I felt that some problems and services could be improved through blockchain used on daily basis.

For example, there exist some problems on massive cost and time wasted when it comes to checking authenticity of contracts for legal issues. A lot people do not notarize their contracts, and contracts get damaged and lost due to lack of conscious on security which could could result in intentional manipulation of contracts. Then, I strongly felt that blockchain is the technology to prevent and block it from happening.

Thus, I have been leading the project with Young Yoon from the start, and pondering about the problems and the ways to solve it.

3. What is the part that you have focused mostly when building the structure of FCT?

Currently, the structure of FCT is incomplete. The part that we’ve focused on the most would be the blockchain technology itself which store the files without any manipulation and prove the authenticity of contracts through it. It is what I am committed on even until now, and we are continuously developing our project by adapting newest blockchain technologies being developed each year.

4. What is the part which you wish to complement on the current status?

FCT is an ERC-20 token which is issued on top of the ethereum network, but we are trying out prototyping our own blockchain and using other coins and tokens used on different protocols. Eventually, we are aiming to make the decentralized data storage and the blockchain network working on the same protocol.

Personally, I am interested in coins and tokens related to file- focused blockchain which adopted PoSt(Proof of Storage), such as Lambda, FileCoin, BitTorrent etc.

5. What is your future goal/plan?

I wish to increase the number of individuals and companies which use our e-contract service, duite. I still think the e-contract market within Korea is not well developed yet, so we are aiming to be more mature and developed as a company, and I hope I could be more mature along with it :)




Trust-based comprehensive blockchain platform

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