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[Introduction] FirmaChain Advisor Scott Lee

Today, FirmaChain would like to introduce Scott Lee from Spin Protocol who join the FirmaChain as Advisor.

· Scott Lee

Scott Lee, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, majored in Business Management. He has gained the experience and knowledge in working with trade & investment promotion and partnership for domestic corporation to overseas expansion form the KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency).

Spin Protocol was established by Scott Lee to address the problems and challenges of global business where he experienced in KOTRA.

· Spin Protocol

Spin Protocol Official Page :

Spin Protocol is a decentralized, influencer-driven e-commerce ecosystem. Eliminate the process of intermediaries between the influencer and the provider and allow corporate clients and influencers to agree on direct revenue distribution.

Also, Spin Protocol was selected as an official second Dapp partner for Kakao’s public blockchain, Klaytn, and it will be implemented in the Klaytn Test-Net.

· Klaytn

Klaytn is a blockchain platform, exclusively to Dapp which developed by GroundX, a subsidiary company of Kakao. The focus was on improving the UX limits of the existing other blockchain platform and raised its TPS (Transactions Per Second) up to 3000. Also, it helps developers for easily use of Klaytn by providing toolkits and tutorials of blockchain service development.

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