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[Introduction] Young Yoon, Chief Executive Officer

Hello, community member of Firmachain.

Today, we have prepared another interview from our team :)

It is Young Yoon, the CEO of Firmachain.

  1. What made you start Firmachain?

It is frequent to make agreements with numerous local or foreign companies if you are responsible of business development. During the process, besides the confirmation systems within the company, there were a lot of input of time and resources for just concluding a contract. The contacts were divided bimodally, by writing it online and signing offline, and for the contracts which has to be made with foreign firms were done inefficiently by being delayed for international postal services.

Moreover, it does differ from companies, but since the management authorities are fixed, different departments such as legal, finance, business management teams sometimes need to provide an official document in order access the according contract.

Thus, I have started this project believing to solve these difficulties of contract procedures and to improve working efficiency among companies.

2. What is your motto for team management?

My motto is “Respect the Diversity”. An office is a place where diverse and unique intellectuals work together. So, it is natural to have different opinions. However, this could make people confront the difficulty of being different. If I can choose from embracing it or not, I strongly believe that to embrace is a more productive selection to make. By respecting and acknowledging diversity within the office, members will be able to build bilateral trust through continuous conversation and coordination. This would ultimately lead to the increase of efficiency and productivity by making work easier. Of course, there would be a lot of resources invested during the process, but I am certain that this is totally worth it.

3. What are the factors that you regard the most important as a blockchain project?

I think the difficulty that blockchain is facing is practicality. There are numerous blockchain projects with different goals and values, but it is rare to spot cases which people could actually experience and feel the technology on daily basis. Therefore, actualizing a technology which can help people’s daily lives would be the most important factor which blockchain projects need to pursue.

4. What is the value that Firmachain pursues?

The value that we pursue is authenticity. This also goes along with transparency which blockchain emphasizes. I believe if we could contribute on improving people’s lives through our technology, that itself would be a thing to be proud of.

5. What is the most severe difficulty that you have faced as a CEO?

Internally, we are also going through diverse difficulties just as most of the startups do, but we are going through it as a team.

Externally, just as South Korea has made an image as a strong IT country through gaming, I wish we could bring back the hegemony as a strong IT country through the blockchain industry. Especially, it would be better if we could concentrate more on growth than regulations, through considering blockchain as an opportunity of creating new jobs and industries rather than regarding it as a speculating method.

6. What is your plan for later this year?

It is regarded that the domestic market for e-contracts are not much facilitated compared to foreign countries which has adopted it on their daily lives . Firmchain, business wise, is planning to establish the e-contract culture within the local market, and technology wise, is planning to advance its technology by eliminating the inconvenience and increasing the efficiency of it.

Hope our community members also keep an eye on our activities :)



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