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[Notice]FirmaChain x Certik Partnership

Greetings this is FirmaChain,.

FirmaChain has been proven the technology of blockchain from CertiK, a global blockchain security audit company. After the completion of its blockchain technology verification, FirmaChain and CertiK singed partnership as well.

Both companies are promoting the advancement of the technology of electronic contracts based on blockchain through this technology verification and partnership.

In addition to improving the security and reliability of the solution including the project’s main-net, we plan to provide efficient electronic contract solutions to FirmaChain clients and partnership target companies..

CertiK is a security audit company that verifies the security and stability of blockchain projects that have been recognized worldwide for public trust in the blockchain industry, and has established global virtual asset exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, Huobi and many more. CertiK also has a cooperative relationship with Coinone, a domestic virtual asset exchange.

Including the virtual asset exchange, CertiK has conducted security audits for more than 200 blockchain projects, including Hdac, Terra, NEO, ICON, and many more as well as strategic alliances.

By completing the technology verification of our main-net by CertiK, a global blockchain security company, we were able to demonstrate our commitment to commercialization of high-quality blockchain technology.

This will have a positive impact on the promotion of listing on the global virtual asset exchange that trusts CertiK’s security audit in the future.

Thank you.

About FirmaChain

FirmaChain is an electronic contract and decentralized data storage platform that utilizes blockchain technology to prevent forgery, efficiently solving all of the limits of current electronic contract services. Through FirmaChain’s electronic contract service “Duite”, negotiations, transactions and editing history can be safely recorded without the contractors needing to meet in person. In addition, in the decentralized data storage of FirmaChain, miners and users can contract to store a certain file. The user transmits the file to be saved to the miner, and when the file transfer is completed, the miner encrypts the file and then copies, encrypts the file. Proof of file storage is then recorded on to the blockchain.

For more information about FirmaChain, or to join our team, please contact us at




Trust-based comprehensive blockchain platform

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