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Case Study — Halliday Financial

Rosemary District Office Revitalization

Halliday Financial is an independent financial services firm, that is dedicated to applying creative strategies to its clients’ financial objectives. Across their regional offices, each of the firm’s financial advisors is proud to serve the community and the clients that most need their assistance. Due to the amount of team members working with clients in Florida, Halliday Financial started to plan on opening a new office location in Sarasota, FL. They partnered with Ian Black, a local real estate agency, to acquire a property in the Rosemary District of downtown Sarasota, and chose Firmo as their construction partner to build their newest office space.

With the goal of delivering a turn-key new location for the financial firm that would make a great impression on their new community, Firmo Construction facilitated the design phase, partnering with Leo Lunardi of Lunardi Architecture for the interior; coordinated an interim work space for the Halliday team in Firmo’s own headquarters building; and finally, put the team in touch with CenterState bank for assistance with potential local financing packages.

To start bringing Halliday’s new office to life, the Firmo Construction team reconfigured the old building and revitalized it from the inside out, which included new impact, double pane windows, 7–8 individual offices, a separate entrance for potential office rentals, a new roof, a refinished facade, and an ADA compliant interior and parking lot.

All of this was in addition to the important steps and inspections involved in bringing older structures up to date and up to code, including updating the old pipe work, checking for harmful substances like asbestos, and making sure restrooms were also ADA compliant. Overall, Firmo Construction preserved the structure’s original, single-family home shell and revitalized the rest of the structure, reorganizing parking area to maximize on parking spots, and most importantly, keeping potentially high-cost improvements in check, such as reconfiguring the office spaces around existing load-bearing walls.

Other improvements for this revitalization included larger windows that not only brightened the space, but also wouldn’t increase the interior temperature; access control for the doors ensured the building’s security; and a new AC unit also made utilities more efficient, in addition to new LED light fixtures.

To bring a unique stamp to the building’s new facade, and to help Halliday Financial’s newest location join the rich arts and cultural center of the Rosemary District, the Firmo team recommended and facilitated the creation of a mural on one of the blank exterior walls of the office building.

Firmo reached out and collaborated with a student from Ringling College of Art and Design, Jahkori Dopwell Hall, to create a modern, colorful, and eye-catching mural meant to inspire interest and create an impression on those who passed by.

The Firmo team efficiently completed Halliday Financial’s new, 2,000 SF Sarasota location within budget and within a timeline of 6 months. With a new office that was bright, modern, and inviting, both on the outside and on the inside, Firmo Construction’s partnership with Halliday Financial’s team created a runway for their official introduction and expansion to the Sarasota community.

If you are interested in a new commercial development or office remodel, or want to find out more about this project, please contact Eric Collin with Firmo Construction at



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