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Easy tools to increase sustainability.

The rising emphasis on “going green,”, especially in the engineering and construction industry, has inspired a variety of sustainable technological developments. Keeping renewable energy sources in mind as well as an increasing population and the constraint of space, new green products have been bridged with more in the process of being developed. Here are just a few sustainable technologies we use in our projects.

Sustainable Building Materials

Using sustainable practices at the start of construction increases value and efficiency. One product we integrate is sustainable insulation. We installed a spray foam insulation at our Iroquois Avenue Residential project, which is currently targeting LEED certification. Here are some benefits of using a spray foam insulation in comparison to traditional insulation:

Spray foam is a versatile form of insulation that can seal a home from air and moisture intrusion. It not only strengthens a building’s structure, it also provides thermal, air and vapor barriers.

This form of insulation is usable in all U.S. climates and helps save on energy costs, acting as an air barrier that can drastically reduce air leaks.

Traditional fiberglass insulation, typically just fastened into the wall cavities, does not completely seal the wall cavities and air infiltration can pass through these gaps. Spray foam adheres and contours to the walls and floors, creating a tight seal and insulating barrier that stops air leaks.

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are valuable in increasing solar reflectance and decreasing thermal emittance. They deflect the sun’s rays and prevent interior air from escaping through the top of the building. Lowering the temperature of the roof creates an efficient, contained structure, but the real benefits are offered inside the building.

A cool roof not only improves the interior temperature, it reduces strain from the air conditioning systems. As a result, this type of roofing can reflect intense heat, trapping air inside, and reduce the emissions that are a byproduct of our heating and cooling.

Lighting Technology

Staying ahead of the latest green technology and products is important to keep sustainability as a focus of our company. Firmo participates in regular educational presentations with Legrand, a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. Recently, we discussed their new 2018 adorne collection.

Regarding sustainability and technology, the products we examined featured many beneficial and efficient characteristics that could be used for commercial or residential buildings. One of these products was their Wi-Fi lighting system, an app-based lighting control for the home. Using their Wi-Fi ready switches, all the lighting in the building can be controlled with their Legrand Control App from an iPhone, iPad, or Google/Alexa device. Another product was a lamp adapter that could turn a basic lamp into a “smart” lamp. One feature for home security included the fact that the app is able to learn light use habits.



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