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What Makes a Green Home?

What goes into being LEED Certified.

Building structures that are environmentally-conscious are not only important for commercial buildings, but also homes. Homes are important spaces in our lives that should be developed with human health and sustainability at the forefront. Firmo has designed and built many LEED targeted residences with this in mind. With so many aspects that go into a green home, these are just a few important features and benefits of sustainable living.


Selecting the proper materials before building the house is important to the development of a green home. Avoiding unsustainable products, such as tropical woods, and using non-toxic, recyclable materials, from foundation to furniture, creates a healthier, energy-saving home.

The Circle House — Sarasota, FL

One of the residences we built, The Circle House, involved careful efforts to not only utilize eco-friendly materials, but also to recycle and reduce construction waste. The LEED targeted house, as a result, became a structure that provided a healthy interior and sustainable exterior.

Lighting and Reductions

Green homes, in comparison to traditional homes, reduce utility costs significantly. Lighting is a key contributor to this. More sunlight and less artificial light due to thoughtful window positioning lessens the need for artificial lighting. Using LED lighting in fixtures also contributes to energy conservation.

Building a sustainable residence creates overall energy efficiency. Some methods we have incorporated in our green homes are sustainable insulation, Energy Star certified appliances, and solar panel accommodation. These features work together to reduce energy bills, and increase the overall value of the home.


Environmentally-conscious homes lead to healthier, more valuable lifestyles. The location and placement of green homes are a key factor in guiding their efficiency and sustainability. Building on “infill” sites such as former parking lots, or existing lots creates a green structure that benefits the environment of the local community.

The Circle House, Indian Beach Sapphire Shores — Sarasota, FL

Our LEED targeted home, The Circle House, was designed with sustainability in mind. The aspect of location was highly-considered, especially with the placement of the building and windows. We kept in mind the path of the sun when designing to reduce the amount of solar heat entering the house, while also letting in an abundance of natural light to reduce artificial lighting.




Licensed Commercial General Contractor building sustainably since 2003.

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