Goodbye Zcoin, Welcome Firo

Zcoin is rebranding to Firo. The new identity will set this project apart from other cryptocurrencies. It’s one of the most exciting rebranding efforts in crypto. Keep reading to learn more!

If you followed Zcoin on social media or Telegram you must have seen the countdown images. During the past 8 days, the new logo was revealed to the world. The color changed from green to fiery red.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Firo will emerge from rebranding stronger than Zcoin was before!

Countdown to new logo

Why this rebrand is needed

There are many reasons to do a rebrand, but one thing stands out: there was too much confusion between Zcoin with Zcash. Some people even thought Zcoin was a fork of Zcash, while Zcoin has been around longer!

By moving away from the letter Z, it becomes clear that we are independent with a unique blockchain and innovative features.

Firo has renewed privacy

The rebrand of Zcoin comes with the activation of the next generation privacy protocol: Lelantus. The name Zcoin was chosen based on the old protocol, Zerocoin, which has been phased out.

With the launch of Lelantus, Firo will have a privacy-first approach. All of our transactions will be private by default.

The timing is right. Let’s break free from the past.

Firo will give us a fresh start.

Firo is here to stay

The new name is something that everyone can like:

  • It reminds us of fire 🔥

Fire is one of the most elemental forces in nature. It is beautiful to look at, but at the same time it can burn almost anything in its way.

The image of burning coins and forging brand new ones is also a good analogy to the way privacy works with the new Lelantus protocol.

  • There is a link to freedom 🕊

Firo gives us online freedom: the ability to access our money at any time and to transact with anyone around the world. Without any middleman. Without being traced. Always respecting our privacy.

  • The name is short and simple ☑️

It’s super important that anyone can spell and pronounce the name without any issues. Firo is perfect for that.

Other forms of money also have simple names: euro, dollar, rupee, yen. If you look at that list, the name Firo fits right in.

With the new name we are ready for mass adoption.

Firo is for everyone

The future of Firo

Now that we know more about the name, let’s look at the future.

In most parts of the worlds, we see that governments and banks are taking away our privacy. This will allow them to monitor us and restrict our (online) freedom. We must act NOW if we want to keep our privacy.

Privacy is a basic human right. Firo is for everyone who is aware of this. Join the Firo Family and let’s fight for our right to remain private!


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