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‘Ologies Podcast’

Link to podcast:

Description: “HAPPINESS RESEARCH, straight up. What is happiness? How do our circumstances affect happiness? Why is the word “gratitude” kinda cringey? What can we do to feel better? Should we feel guilty for feeling happy? When is positivity “toxic?” Yale cognitive scientist, Eudemonologist, and host of The Happiness Lab podcast Dr. Laurie Santos chats about how scientists measure human happiness and what their research has shown helps achieve it, even during the worst of times. Also: silver medal face & countering counterfactuals, which will make sense when you listen.”

***In pursuit of happiness? I would also suggest reading ‘Stumbling on happiness,’ by Daniel Gilbert. Stay positive my friends. ***

Link to happiness:,1&cartObjectKey=AFQAF9R8GWV857ECENJY



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