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“STEM-Talk — Dr. Satchin Panda on Circadian Rhythms and Time-Restricted Eating to Improve Health.”

Link to Podcast:

Description: Key Takeaways

  • Black coffee in the morning does not appear to signal the start of the eating window
  • But you absolutely cannot put cream/sugar in it and still be in a fasted state
  • Mouse studies show that time-restricted eating leads to weight loss (specifically coming from a loss of body fat)
  • A sleep deprived brain tricks us into thinking we’re hungrier than we actually are, and hinders our decision making ability when it comes to food (what to eat/when to stop eating/how much to eat)
  • Sleep deprivation, in combination with late night eating, is very problematic
  • During sleep we produce growth hormone that help repair damaged cells — When we sleep less, we have less of this growth hormone present to repair our cells
  • When we eat late into the night, our stomach is thus working late into the night to digest the food — so the stomach cannot repair itself
  • Lack of growth hormone, in conjunction with food in the stomach, slows down the repair process
  • This causes damage in the gut which can accumulate
  • When the gut lining is damaged — allergy causing food particles or disease causing bacteria can enter the blood and cause more inflammation
  • And MANY chronic diseases, have their root in increased inflammation
  • You probably aren’t really a night owl — you just have too much caffeine late in the day, and expose yourself to too much blue light too close to bedtime
  • Shift work is VERY unhealthy because it disrupts your circadian rhythm
  • Shift workers are at a very high risk for colon cancer
  • From user data from Satchin’s app, called My Circadian Clock, Satchin has found that many people, while practicing time-restricted eating, see an improvement in acid reflux, as well as an improvement in sleep
  • Satchin eats his last meal at around 6pm




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