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The Lawfare Podcast: David Kris on the NSA Annex

Link to Podcast:

Description: Important discussion about the confluence between individual privacy and civil liberties and the digital security requirements necessary to keep the nations digital infrastructure and company/individual intellectual property secure from opportunistic predation.

“The NSA this week released a long-awaited update to its signals intelligence policy, which had not been updated since 1988. David Kris, former assistant attorney general for the National Security Division, shortly thereafter produced an even longer paper analyzing the dense and technical policy document. David joined Benjamin Wittes to talk about the significance of this new policy document, what it does and how it is different from the document it replaces. They also talked about David’s paper, how he came to write it, why it is so much longer than the policy document itself and what the implications of the new NSA policies are for signals intelligence collection and civil liberties.”




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