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Week of April 18th, 2021: “Flip your perspective: take a deep breath, reset.”

“Puppy Madness “

Three midwestern brothers, Hans, Dieter and Pieter, bought a new German shepherd puppy and needed to feed her. They left to go get the food but at the grocery store the clerk behind the counter was rude so they decided to bake a cake instead.

Hans took out a bowl and some batter and mixed it next to the platter where dieter had flattened the flour. Pieter was neater- he added sugar as a sweetener and then left but said that he would be back home in an hour.

It started to rain which drove Hans insane but he learned in the Marines not to complain- no matter the hardship, no matter the pain. He took a deep breath and iced what was left, careful not to miss anything. He took a step back and admired his cake on the rack, proud of what he and has brothers had done. But Dieter was astonished and pointed his index finger to admonish- Hans hadn’t noticed but clearly the cake was too plain! It didn’t have sprinkles, or fringes or crinkles, nor ice cream nor jelly inside. It did have one thing- rich chocolate icing, which seemed like a nice thing until Dieter remembered the Veterinarians advice for puppies and chocolate: “Do not give them!”

Pieter returned with some trophies and groceries and placed his shopping bags onto the table. He bought cashews and almonds, peanut butter and ramen, but nothing that would help them bake a new cake. So Hans opened his iPad and boy was he glad when he saw all of the options they could choose from to order. They decided on Vanilla with strawberry- no this isn’t imaginary- and they left the delivery driver a $35 tip. But when Dieter opened the tray the puppy got away and the plate with cake fell on the floor. Dieter tried to clean it up but didn’t have any luck-their puppy had already licked up the entire mess.

What else could they do? Their house was a zoo, so they all just stood there surprised. After a while it felt good to smile and the three brothers all laughed at the mess they had made.That’s how it goes when you have dogs and bros — so relax and enjoy, that’s what life is for boy!




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