Abstract colors painted in blurry surrealist style.
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Sadness and Gladness

I’m tired

I’m trying

But the whole world keeps on dying

I’m angry

I’m crying

I’m tired of all the lying

I’m wild

I’m resupplying

The infuriation is disingenuous pacifying

I’m intelligent

I’m identifying

My life is about diversifying

I’m foolish

I’m sentimental

Trust issues come from misapplying

I’m lost

I’m confused

Families are mystifying

I’m reborn

I’m brand new

My soul remains undying

I’m interstellar

I’m supernova

My mind is redefining

I’m hungry

That’s not new

Digestion from tofu and all the frying

I’m lonely

How about you?

Solitude can be satisfying

I’m ok

That is true

But don’t sell me rationalizing and justifying

There’s one way

A path I knew

But I won’t be doing any notifying

This is life

For me and you

Always edifying



8 Mile | Starring: Eminem, Mekhi Phifer, Brittany Murphy, Kim Basinger

I give this film five Sidney’s ***** 5/5. For all the Hollywood galmor and preening, it’s remarkable how accurate a story this depicts about Eminems life from the working-class area of Detroit to the highest levels of the hip hop game. Good music, great acting, great production.

this shit cracks me up every time…yeehaww lol



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