Frugal June: Week One

(Because the first week of #FrugalJune started in May, I’m going to include those days.)


Bagel and coffee ($6): had to get some breakfast before heading out of Bushwick and did not feel like eating my leftovers for a third day in a row.

Museum of Moving Image ($5): I bought a Groupon for this earlier in the year for $30 and finally forced myself to make use of it. It was for two passes and included an admission to a film screening, so my friend and I had a lovely afternoon exploring and then watching Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (which I highly recommend). Why the $5? The Museum has an Arcade Exhibit and while they give you some tokens with admission, my inner child conned me into buying more. I also bought a $3 keychain that I still haven’t put on my key ring.

Worth it

Turkey Meatball Slider ($5): We ducked out for a quick bite before the screening.

Trader Joe’s ($85): This where most of my meals come from later in the week (which is why I don’t mention them). I buy more than I normally do plus 3 bottles of wine because I’m having someone over for dinner.


Iced Coffee ($4) while I work on my company’s newsletter.

Margarita ($10) I think will be half the price because of happy hour but isn’t.


First day back at the office and first day of June but I pack ($0). I do cave and buy a Starbucks Iced Coffee ($4). I notice that my gym has charged me for what I guess was some delayed fee I signed on to ($40). Now if only I actually went to the gym.


Iced coffee ($4). I almost order Chipotle for lunch but Postmates’ $1.99 delivery deal is over so I just eat what I packed ($0). I go out to a great comedy show that is free but I tip the comedians ($2) for a job well-done. Drinks ($0) are covered. No time for dinner so I eat some Trader Joe’s light smoked cheese which is my favorite thing in the world ($0).


More Starbucks Iced Coffee and a bottled water ($6). I need to come up with a better solution to our new office’s terrible coffee. My boss takes our team out to a nice Greek restaurant to celebrate the arrival of the new intern so it’s on the company ($0).

Go shopping to find sandals that I won’t roll my ankle in. I did twice on Sunday and my right foot is purple with bruises. Almost buy a new dress but leave the store with nothing.

I wrote my rent check ($1,000).


Coffee and Dough donut ($7) for national donut day.

Still need sandals ($30) so decide to buy some off Amazon and hope for the best. Have the willpower to not also buy a book I’ve been eyeing.

Feeling bummed about the week and order a pizza ($18). I put it on my high-balance card because Seamless isn’t accepting the other one for some reason and I just don’t care. I drink one of the Trader Joe’s bottles of wine.

I get paid today but my entire paycheck goes to rent. I also sell two tickets I impulsively bought for an event that I know I won’t want to go to (+$40)


Iced coffee ($7). I though the coffeeshop had discounted refills but they don’t. I’ll have to start trekking out to one that does.

Weekly Total

$223 (including June costs):

-$177 Food

-$45 Miscellaneous


  • I mostly avoided impulse lunch purchases but still caved on the pizza. Packing does help!
  • Next week I need to put money towards credit card bills.
  • I need to sell a freelance story to keep up my monthly goal.
  • No more daily iced coffee. Minimize drinks I have to pay for.

Later this week I’ll be posting about the best resources to help you track your money. Are there other posts you would like to see this month? Let me know in the comments. Keep the conversation going with #frugaljune.

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