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Letter sent on Jun 5, 2016

Would You Like To Write A Frugal June Diary

Dear Foray Readers,

As you might have seen, I’m currently embarking on a #FrugalJune and documenting it for Foray. Conversations about how millennials actually spend their money are just as important to Foray’s mission of showing “adulthood honestly” as some of the other fantastic posts writers have contributed.

I’m writing because I would love to hear your voices on the matter!

If you’re interested in writing a diary, here are the requirements:

  • While it’s fine if you want to use a pseudonym or your first name, please include your age and where you live.
  • I’m asking writers document their spending (Sunday through Saturday) for seven days. If you want to do a follow-up entry, that’s also great!
  • Your entry should include the following: your income, any outside income or support you receive, your rent, your transit expenses, monthly subscriptions/payments, and phone bill. It would also be great if you could include credit card and loan payments, but these are definitely optional. If you are uncomfortable documenting any of your expenses or income please add a note to me. Weekly expenses should be documented under each day and totaled at the end of the week.
  • These entries are meant to be transparent but also educational. What did you learn from your week budgeting? Do you have any tricks or tips that readers can learn from?
  • Please include images or gifs. Readers like that!
  • Unfortunately, because our Kickstarter campaign failed Foray is still unpaid (ironic, I know).

Please send any submissions or questions to foraysubmissions@gmail.com!


Tonya Riley


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