Prince: Prince

grrr baby grrr

The hooks showed up!

From the sound of things, Prince swung for the charts with his second album, Prince. And from the fact that I knew I Wanna Be Your Lover coming into the album, I’d say he probably hit them.

What I’m interested in now, though, is to see where in his discography Prince develops the sexual icon legacy I’ve always known him to have. The music here doesn’t sound all that different from a lot of the R&B I’ve listened to, save for Prince’s personality. That’s a big caveat, though! There are hints of that legacy here — the heavy panting on Sexy Dancer, for instance — but it doesn’t commandeer the record by any means.

Instead we get a mostly upbeat record of sex-fueled, if not sexual, tracks. And it’s great.

Soundtrack To: Walking through the door like you own the place.