Donald Trump and How Big Media Failed America

It’s hard to be a journalist today. No one wants to pay for content and anyone can write a news story or blog post. Big Media hides behind their brands, mastheads, and call letters but like the government, Big Media has failed the American people for more than a decade. So while it’s fun to watch Trump dismantle the Republican Party and its billionaire bought and paid for candidates, it’s a lot more fun to watch Trump dismantle and manipulate the media to his favor and, to be honest, Joe Public is smarter than we think.

Go back almost a year to when Trump was a fringe candidate and you can see the media coverage swell around his shock value, his racist comments, because it was good TV and great copy. It’s what the media loves, sensational stories that drive ratings, gain viewers, and since broadcast media is now filled with pundits rather than actual journalists, it made for great banter and useless speculation.

Trump is a smart man who’s surrounded himself with even smarter people who recognized this and used it to his advantage. He didn’t need a Bush or a Rubio $100 million funded super pac to buy media, he was on the front page through sheer manipulation and the media went along for the ride. Trump is living Bernie Sander’s dream for politics, get the money out, speak your mind unbeholden to big donors and give voice to the Will of the People.

When Trump baited Fox News and Megyn Kelly he started to win over the disenfranchised conservatives who had been drinking the Fox News Kool-Aid for years, Trump was entering new territory. No longer did a candidate need media support, Trump had the ear of the People who knew all along politicians and the media need us to behave a certain way and vote for their established candidates.

The next nail in the coffin for the media was Trump’s take down of the Bush dynasty. All Americans know that the Iraq war was a trillion dollar lie, every Bush family member started a failed, costly war in the Middle East and Big Media consistently failed in their ‘Spotlight’ inspired investigative reporting to demand more from our corporate funded leaders and expose failed presidential policies. Wars cost money, people got rich at the expense of American lives and Americans know that.

So let’s call the 2016 Presidential Election; ‘The Year Americans Woke Up and Said “Fuck You” to Washington and “Fuck You” to Big Media!’ We don’t need you to tell us what to think about the candidates, we can view everything on the internet without your slanted POV and make up our own minds.

Haven’t you noticed how Big Media and the Republican Party have begun to scramble? The headlines are now; ‘How Can We Stop Donald?’, ‘Who Will Drop Out?’, and the increasingly popular, ‘We Can’t Let Trump Be President!’

Do we not live in a democracy? Aren’t the People voting for the candidate they prefer and not some Establishment favorite who has only won a single state? The media is now scared the American public is no longer a voting zombie supporting the Establishment candidate from either party. The media obviously likes Hillary Clinton and don’t really care that the FBI has a hundred plus agents investigating her and people have gone to jail for lesser alleged crimes. Where is that news story?

They called Hillary the ‘Big Winner’ on Super Tuesday even though Bernie Sanders won in the more diverse states. NPR didn’t even air Bernie’s speech and there was no mention of potential election fraud by Bill Clinton whose appearance and photo ops at a polling place in Boston caused disruption to the voting process! There is little mention of how close the race in Massachusetts was and that his actions may have had a direct impact on its outcome.

How come the media doesn’t say that Hillary’s ‘victory’ speech on Super Tuesday borrowed phrases and revolutionary comments lifted right from Bernie Sanders? Hillary is now promoting her individual donors and not her super-pacs and is she really going to give the finger to her super-pacs if she wins? Yet the media has been downright negative to Bernie, discounting his movement, his message and constantly reminding us he couldn’t win a general election trying to sway public opinion.

Shouldn’t the media be addressing issues like; there is too much money in politics, who is funding who, and that Americans are fed up with Washington? The past eight years of partisan politics, divisive Republican tactics coupled with divisive media have destroyed the fabric of our society. The American people want change, they want honesty, and they want someone who is not funded by some billionaire, super pac or corporation.

The Establishment of both parties and the media have failed us. Both Trump and Sanders have highlighted the undercurrent the American people are embracing and beginning to use to make their votes finally count.

Big Media you can rally behind Rubio or Clinton but, like the entrenched political parties, you have failed us and, therefore, as President Trump will say, “you’re all fired”, now get the fuck out of Washington!

Can Trump honestly do any worse?

Originally published at on March 3, 2016.

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