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Love is Blind Season 2: Who Will Get Married?

And who will last?

The Season 2 finale of Netflix’s Love is Blind drops tomorrow and although we’ve only had to wait a week to see who ties the knot, I know that many of us have been waiting with bated breath.

What follows is my ranking of the couples — not based on their compatibility, not based on who will last forever, nothing like that. This is which couples I think are going to get married in the season finale, from most likely to least likely. Obviously, after the finale drops, we will be graced with social media updates as to what has happened with these ten since last summer, but with the only information we have so far coming from Netflix, we can’t speak on that. These are solely my predictions for what will happen in the final episode.

1. Jarrette and Iyanna

Jarrette and Iyanna had one of the most controversial starts to their relationship of any couple here (since he basically proposed to Mallory before Iyanna), yet they land at the top of this list because of the growth they’ve made since leaving the pods. Aside from his drunken divulgence to Mallory in Mexico, he seems to have more or less moved on from that and he keeps telling Iyanna that he lands at a 9/10 on the confidence meter. She keeps landing around 6–7, but her conversations with his parents (who loved her) and her parents (who really challenged his intentions in a great way!) helped to tamper her worries around his weeknight partying. He says he’ll change and he’s probably the most likely person on this entire list to commit to a change for the better as he seems really good at putting the past behind him.

2. Shayne and Natalie

The banter between these two is so bizarre and sometimes I feel like the only person that is cringed out by it. They always seem like they just met five minutes ago — they have that weird, awkward, “learning each other” vibe that is to be somewhat expected in this bizarre, rushed experiment. There has never been another couple on the show that I’ve believed in less, but they’ve believed in more — so I suppose if this is a ranking of most likely to get married, second seems like a good place for them. It went well with their families and that didn’t even really seem to be that big of an obstacle for them, so they’re probably good to go. Not even Shaina (Jessica 2.0) could bring them down.

3. Shake and Deepti

Shake is such a clown. And he knows it.

He knows that Deepti is a perfect fit for him. He knows that she is everything he needs at this point in his life. He knows that both his parents and her parents are thrilled. And he knows that she’s ready for this.

But he has his physical reservations. That’s a perfectly reasonable thing to be concerned about, but he is very simply not handling it the right way.

He will probably say, “I do” at the alter because he knows how important she is to him.

But even if they do get married, Deepti has now watched this show and seen how many times he’s compared her to his aunt. Yikes!

4. Nick and Danielle

If you asked me right after the pod episodes who I thought was the most likely couple to walk into the sunset holding hands, I would have said these two without a doubt. In fact, I did say that many times on my couch. They felt like this year’s Cameron and Lauren — first to connect, first to propose, first to stop wearing raincoats in the rain…

However, as their relationship developed, it just soured more and more.

I don’t think anything was more representative of this decline than the hot dog and corn cob costumes. Nick is trying to have a serious conversation with Danielle about their lifestyle as a married couple and she’s joking around about wiener costumes and asking where her Guitar Hero gear can go. And when it’s time for Danielle to hammer away at her concerns, she almost always blindsides Nick who didn’t even know there was a problem.

We got a little tease of their nuptials at the end of Episode 9 and although we know that she said yes (in the weirdest way possible), Nick’s flop sweat was not a comforting sign for his response. I’ve never seen someone so sweaty in my whole life. I think he was dying for Danielle to end it so he wouldn’t have to…

5. Sal and Mallory

This one just never seemed right for anyone. I thought it was more than over after Mallory’s drunken heart-to-heart with Jarrette in Mexico that brought Sal to tears and I was stunned when they tried to move on from that the next day.

Jarrette swears up and down that he’s over Mallory (I don’t believe it — but it’s his narrative), but I don’t think Mallory ever got over her decision. It seemed like the right move in the pods to choose Sal, but it never seemed that way in the real world.

Sal is trying his best, but opera and stir fry can only do so much — it’s just not there. Reminds me of Kelly and Kenny in Season 1 — no real hard feelings, it’s just not the right fit.

Credit: All photos from Netflix.

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