Why We Are Starting a Podcast


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First Time Leader all started because I needed help and didn’t know where to find the answers to my pressing questions on how to lead my team. Since 2014 we have been doing our part helping other managers find their own solutions to their leadership queries. This has come in the forms of public speaking, General Assembly talks, workshops, hands-on consulting and one to one coaching. The podcast is an extension of those services.

One of the most common feelings I’ve noticed in managers is the feeling of isolation. When you transition into a management role for the first time, no one warns you about the feelings of isolation and the imposter syndrome that comes with it. There seems to be some unwritten rule that once you’re promoted you’ll immediately ‘get it’. Unfortunately there isn’t a guidebook that comes with the promotion to help you navigate the unknown, it’s often a big dive into the deep end with a little life raft waiting for you on the surface. This is why all too often, most managers fail in one way or another.

I remember it all too well myself. Not being able to go to my team for key questions or feedback and not being comfortable to ask my manager for fear that I should actually know the answer. My confidence was low but my drive was high. I desperately wanted to turn my team around and empower them to deliver great work. I was nose deep in books, learning about how things should be, but lacking in the how. Where were those that had actually implemented these approaches? What were the (real) learnings? What’s the first step? In a way, I was seeking permission to try something new. The thought of putting my neck out and going against the grain of the organization trumped taking action.

OverTime is for those that felt like I did, who are feeling a little unsure and would like to hear from other managers and to be inspired by real life learning. Of course every manager and every team is different, but I learn bucket loads when I speak to my clients and community and I wanted a space where I could share that with others.

Rob Alderson, VP Content at Wetransfer boldly agreed to be our first guest. Rob shares some great insights on the learnings he’s taken from his first management role to now. I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you on Friday. Sign up to our newsletter for early access on Thursday.

If you, or someone you know, has some management stories to share, reach out to us and we will be in touch.

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