…….Cracking The Code…….

If We agree the symbols all mean something… then something is surely lost. It’s said,

We war not against flesh and blood

It is NOW an age where misguided translations of religion, (I’m)partial science, dark age business practices, and New age (aka Infantile) spirituality is all coming together… To reveal a much more clear, and PRACTICABLE (aka Practice-able) perception of LIFE. One that is easy to the ears, beautiful to the eyes, and makes more sense to the senses than requiring us to be senseless to those around us… just to make sense of THINGS.

Coming from an “old school” background virtually LIVING in a Kitchen my whole life… there is still more blossoming and development of my inner ear to really address some of the brutal and barbaric practices we undertake as human beings in such a venture, while still being sensitive to the beauty and grace of what I believe to be the GREATEST SERVICE TO HUMANITY.

I simply believe my venture is but a deeper or broader view of “The People’s Venture”. Perhaps being in other industries might give a better “Lay Of the Land” which is also important… but our very industry name backs my bold statement of being THE GREATEST SERVICE!


Systems do not make Life “work”… because life is not about to work. Life IS Service itself. And our Service has gone awry. Like a lost wait staff sitting around WAITING… sure it’s partially funny… but don’t we all want our servers to run properly? Of course I’m going deep into the compexity of what this all means, yet it’s very clear if we take the time to feel it out.

Our servers should run the systems, not the other way around. From the inside of OUR world… when our servers “run properly” they are NEVER rushed. When the system is not controlling who [or HOW we] “SHOULD” serve… everyone is a server. Even our Guest is well, a server.

Our servers have issues… and everyone in the Matrix is aware of it NOW. They are refusing to work. [which we’d like to pass off as faulty servers MIND us] Our servers are down and the waiters are impatient. These “replacements” have never worked… or…maybe they have…

But they have certainly never SERVED us!

It’s as issue that has been so muddled by systematic thinking and quick rewiring that it’s no wonder our servers today are so much encrypted; it is to the point we nearly think them completely dead. Obsolete. At the point of no return. Fried and void of retaining data.

It is today we understand EVERYTHING is conscious energy… then it’s easy to say the issue is not WITHIN or OF the actual servers… but with the generations of energies unconscious of each other.

So is the key to cracking the code we’ve been cracking away at for ages!

The secret is not in the code… it’s in the cracks! The abyss we slip into. The systematic thinking. The “controlled” environments. The succumbing to of the tiny circumference of what else… other then small servers. So we continually repeat the same systems which run our small circles and work most of us… TO death.

A lot of this is already out there in The Awareness. “Where are the solutions?” We ask. Solutions don’t exist in the hardware. Solutions are fluid. Solutions are heart felt. They flow from compassion. They flow from simplicity. They flow from the corners of the Universe. Not from small circles. They flow from the ultimate Open Source… Humanity.

If there is anything I have learned about the “solution” over these last couple years looking from the outside in, instead of the inside out… its THIS…

People being run in small circles or even larger ones that exclude those who do not believe life has to be so hard… will never even know how fast they are being ran. Nor By who, or what. They will, more likely than not, rather die protecting their circle than give it up, or more clearly put…
“Let anything in that may jeopardize the system that runs it.”
The SOLUTION must come as it suggests… as an ocean of awareness COOPERATING together that has NO INTEREST to join, break up, or link the (usually already linked) circles together. It simply needs to drown em all IN. It’s not to say if those circles come to you, you do not listen… for listening is the key of compassion. Nor do we stop speaking up about our ailments to ANYONE who will Listen. But save yourself the time going to the doorsteps of the deaf who cannot even hear us knocking at door of the abyss itself. For It is those inside that are lost in the current…

So where do we start? Compassion is the ONLY moral compass. And that compass starts within you. But you don’t need me to tell you that. Everyone feels it. I have been a hard ass in my earlier days… and taken a much more heart centered approach before delving into my own personal journey to crack the code of further bridging these GENERATIONAL gaps that leave our energies FEELING disconnected. But it has been these past 2 years with my kids that have really helped me awaken the softness that we ALL must get in touch with to save ourselves… as no matter what we THINK… the SERVERS are coming back online and the systems are going down. The ways we approach people and the use of (systematic) pressure and “rewards” to constrict what is “taught”, or better, “HOW ITS TAUGHT” …will not FLY anymore. We are to be grounded like NEVER before. So the first step, I highly suggest, is drop “everything”.

By that it’s meant; it’s time to live simple once again. Want to know something about a dream? You never catch it! No matter what anyone says. You’re always chasing it. And everyone that helps you, they are chasing it too. And everything they have is as fleeting as the dream… but they’ll never know it because the only people they interact with are also keeping up the “UP KEEP” same as them! They only confirm the “con” firm! Now you have the deeper meaning of, “who runs in your circle?”

Start treating yourself like you would WANT to be treated as a child. Because let’s face it, some of us have pushed and bullied ourselves for so long, we can’t even imagine having kids. That’s the first sign you REALLY need to absorb what’s OUT here. Today’s “buzz” word in my beloved SERVICE industry is SUSTAINABLE.

And yet these circles the native Americans depicted as, and rightfully named, Dream Catchers… “always to be confined to these small circles” would like you to believe Maintainable is the same thing as Sustainable. That managers and contractors are NEEDED to Farm the Earth. Remember you don’t have to chase a tree til someone “not a Farmer” chops it down and makes it money.

See it’s easy for the OLD mind to discredit or counter this as clever wording or new millienal BS… but this speaks to the heart that is ALREADY outside the circles.

This is simply an introduction into my (and MANY PEOPLES) budding path… It will get more and more clear where to go from here… but it starts with you loving yourself like NEVER before. Putting compassion over even reason… as compassion has no reason at all for it to exist. For a step in that direction I highly suggest my brother Matt Kahn… and since SERVICE is what we’re after… that’s a great first video to check out. Whatever it may become, that will start you on the path to higher service.

And while doing that… start to live more and more simple. Trust me, if you haven’t been, it will take some time. So get started now. Like a work out you hate at first, you’ll thank yourself later when everything you lost, you figure out you never really needed. And most of all SHARE. Share everything!!! As people are coming more and more into their compassion… they become more welcoming to even your rage. As we all have to move through rage to find our age… and maturate into the next stage!

Until then… remember… if you feel you have fell through the cracks, or know someone who has… its not a bad thing. You’re actually “The Key To The Code” … you’re not lost. You’re part of the missing PEACES that will close the gap of LOST generations!

If this inspired you in any way, please FEEL FREE to SHARE FREELY, in what ever form it takes.

My K

Bryan J Gallagher

Father, Chef, Artist, Friend… Human Being

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