Flood iQ: Focused on Precision — Feature and Data Update

Flood iQ is one of our most exciting projects, designed to help homeowners, homebuyers, community members and business owners better understand their flood risk, so that they can protect their properties, businesses, and communities. Not everyone is at risk, but for those that are, it is important to get a full picture of the situation. If you know your risk, you can better identify the right solutions to meet your individual flood needs.

Since accuracy is essential to the data we provide, we constantly strive to provide the best experience and most precise information possible. In order to bring you the best user experience we regularly update Flood iQ.

Here are our latest updates:


Precision takes work. Our data team traveled to Hampton Roads, VA, where they tirelessly collected measurements during the last high tide, which we’ve now used to calibrate the rest of our data and risk scores.

We have also been listening to our user feedback. One recurring theme is that the initial risk scores we provided at times seemed too high relative to the amount of nearby flooding. Users who expressed this concern often experienced flooding on roads that were further from their properties (closer to 1/4 mile away). In response, we have adjusted our scoring so that risk scores are now weighted to more heavily reflect property flooding risk than neighborhood flooding risk. Based on this new weighting system, some users may now have lower risk scores than before. We are constantly working to ensure that our maps and data are the most accurate available.


In collecting more data and user feedback, we have added several new features to the site to help you better understand your risk.

New Cards!

We are excited to announce that for properties that have a risk of flooding from tidal flooding, you can now view the projected max water depth to better understand how much water could accumulate on the property during the high tide event. Simply enter your address and if your property is at risk from tidal flooding, this new card will be the fourth card at the bottom of the screen.

We have also used the historical tidal gauge measurements from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to predict the number of days a year when the elevation of the high tide could surpass the elevation of the property and the property could be at risk of flooding. This new card will be the fifth card at the bottom of the screen for properties at risk from tidal flooding.

Map Decoupling

Some of our users have asked to be able to move around the map without entering an address to see the extent of flooding in their area. In response, we’ve now decoupled the map from the search field so users can instantly view the flood maps for tidal and hurricane flooding without having to enter a specific address.

We invite you to revisit FloodiQ to see all the new updates for the properties you care about.

We love feedback and are always trying to improve!

We take user feedback very seriously and would love to hear any thoughts, concerns or recommendations you may have. Please send any feedback to info@floodiq.com.