What is First Street Foundation?

First Street Foundation is here to promote solutions to sea level rise and protect our coastal communities. We are not for profit organization of digitally-driven advocates who are passionate about finding solutions to sea level rise. We exist to engage, empower and activate.

Our targeted communications initiatives are designed to promote full transparency and to empower those affected by rising sea levels.

Historically, a town or city’s “First Street” was the closest to the docks and the heart of commerce. Streets which are nearest to the water’s edge are often the most at risk of flooding and the first in the fight against sea level rise.

We are called “First Street” because we want to be the first line of defense for communities facing the challenges of sea level rise. Our coastal communities are experiencing more intense flooding more often. The 125 million Americans living in these areas regularly experience flooding in the streets, in their homes, and in their communities.

That’s 4 out of every 10 Americans. It’s time to act.

We have created two products to help.

Sealevelrise.org provides relevant information on sea level rise to individuals and communities, so that they can take action and not only survive but thrive.

FloodiQ.com provides homeowners with detailed information to help them best understand their flood risk.

First Street engages people from every income strata, across the political spectrum, on the topic of sea level rise. We believe that honest conversations lead to action.

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