GAEX fish is coming, with 10,000,000 BGX mine pool!

The auction of GAEX fish and GAEX fishbowl will start at 03:00 on Oct.25 UST. The total mine pool for GAEX fish is 10,000,000 BGX. The event details are as follows:

  1. Time:

Starting at 03:00 on Oct.25, lasting 5 days.

2. The total number:

FishChain: 120 GAEX fish, URL:

GAEX: 120 GAEX fish, 20 GAEX FishBowl, URL:

3. Auction rules:

GAEX fish: Auction one fish with every 1 hour and the highest bidder will get the fish.

GAEX FishBowl:Auction one FishBowl with every 6 hour and the highest bidder will get the FishBowl.

4. Notice:

Compared with ELA auction, the auction rules will update: the current highest bidder still can bid.

5. The auction timetable

FishBowl Auction Timetable on GAEX
Fish Auction Timetable on FishChain
Fish Auction Timetable on GAEX