Rowing Boat or Kayak?

Now that we have just passed New Year’s Eve, many people evaluate and summarize the year that has past, and plan for the year to come. This typically involves stacking up achievements, comparing outcomes to planned goals, KPI:s etc., and in the next few days or weeks you’ll probably start a new planning session to set new goals and KPIs.

Then my question to you for next year is: Are you rowing a boat or are you kayaking?

In the rowing boat you sit on your seat facing backwards, you row hard, and you see the surroundings when they pass you by. You glance over your shoulder from time to time to keep your course but your main way of seeing if you are going in the right direction is the fleeting line in the water after your boat and the reference points in the environment that come into view behind the boat as you pass them by.

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In the kayak you sit facing forwards, close to the water, taking in everything you see, feel, and hear - from the horizon to the tip of your paddle - to adapt your journey to the conditions and to find the best course to reach your destination.

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Rowing is setting off the boat in a direction, rowing steadily to get there, but only knowing if you’re on course based what’s behind the boat and the odd glance over your shoulder.

Kayaking is setting off with destination in mind, but a flexible approach to getting there based on how the sea, wind, weather, and your priorities evolve during the journey.

I think we can all translate these two metaphors to how we approach work and life, and intuitively we probably have a preference for one or the other. Personally I have experienced both and I definitely prefer the kayak… both as a metaphor for work and life, and as a way of exploring real shorelines and archipelagos!

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