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Do the Daily Steps!

Be bold! Be present and grateful.

Mateo Melichar
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1 min readApr 24, 2024


Do not always let your future drive your present actions. Just be and enjoy your life without worrying too much about whether you will get there.

Sometimes, it takes the pressure off to just be, enjoy the day, and give it your best. The stress of constantly scaling and going places can exhaust you after a while.

We keep chasing those big goals and forget that life is lived now and here with friends and family, not just in front of our computers.

Give your best, and be present with people. Make them feel good about themselves because that is what they remember, not much of what you say.

Yes, strive for the stretch goals, but you will achieve them by being content, enjoying your life, and worrying less.

When we worry, we often focus on the wrong things. Start worrying about your mental wellbeing and your daily efforts.

So, go and have fun today. You will feel the difference and see the smile on your face when you rest, and do not just rush from meeting to meeting.

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