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EMPOWERED WOMEN: More Than 4 Ways to Build Self-Awareness Today

Having self-awareness, gives you the ability to reflect and ask yourself, do I really want that, does it truly make me happy?

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How do you develop self-awareness?

Practice 1 : Meditation

It will help you become more aware of your internal state.
On my end, I try many different styles of meditation to see what I like most. It is difficult for me to harness calm and focus my energy, but it is a practice, it takes consistency and patience, I will get there.

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There are thousands of meditation online, Go check out Coach Sam Kiani (on insight timer) with unusual transformative meditation practice. Include this practice in your routine, start small, and build it through time. It is not a one-time fix, but it is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it gets!

These days I am building practice this month with the program Be unlimited by Mark Atkinson. This program is truly amazing, it helped uncover some addictive behaviors linked to food addiction and how to transform and take back control of my relationship with food.

Practice 2: Yoga

As your body stretches, flexes, and bends, your mind is also working by learning self-discipline, self-acceptance, limitations, and awareness.

Where to start with YOGA?

My favorite teacher is Iyengar, and his book “The yoga Bible” is the most complete, easy-to-use knowledge of yoga for me.

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I really have loved yoga and truly felt the benefits of doing it regularly over a year in a studio. I am the kind of person who starts a new routine or behavior by publicly with other people and a teacher to start right, and then when it is solidly built in my brain, I do it by myself.
Again include this practice in your routine, start small, and build it through time.

Again include this practice in your routine, start small and build it through time.

Practice 3 : Journal your observations & reflections

Write, capture your thoughts and feelings. Identify, clarify, and accept them as you observe them with no judgment. You do this however you want and at your own pace.

Where to start with journaling?
Just start writing when you feel like it or when you want to resolve a specific challenge. It can be on a digital app, your phone ( with the note pad), or with a pen and a piece of paper.

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Make sure you go back to what you wrote as often as necessary to help you know yourself better. And this is crucial. I like to leave some time before I go back and read my journal, but before I was not doing it alone, so I could not see, or measure my transformation, my progress.

Practice 4: Make assessments

Ask friends and family how you behave, how they see you …. And assessments are fun. In my case, I find them 90% accurate, but I had some feedback from other people that found it inaccurate.

There are so many ways. Take 1 and experiment with it and build upon what you have learned. Stop the cycle of procrastination, as I read yesterday, “Procrastination is the thief of time” and time is your most valuable resource, how you use it is up to you, and it defines your whole life.

Start now, and make your life your best life!



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