3 Tips for Summer Abs & Program

Let’s just cut to the chase. Summertime is here and you may be one of the many people saying, “Damn; how can I get these abs to show before the summer is over?” Well I got 3 quick and easy tips you can do now to start speeding up that process.

1. Get Moving!

Try to burn as many calories as possible. Don’t just burn calories in the gym. Try to incorporate different ways to burn calories in everyday life. My dad is a doctor and in the hospital he would always take the stairs. It didn’t matter how many floors he had to go but he always took the stairs. This is one of many little things you can do everyday that actually make a big difference.

2. Switch up the diet!

Our bodies are creatures of habit. We love consistency and look for it in every aspect of life. This is the main reason why we plateau. A common question I get is “Dale I eat healthy, but I’m not losing weight or seeing results. What’s going on?” This is because the body is use to the pattern of the food you are feeding it. Switch it up!! Eat some different foods and switch up the times of the foods.

3. Drink More Water

I believe the body is one of many tools that we sharpen to become our best selves. A clean tool works better than a dirty one. Water cleans the tool and will make your body more efficient. A daily water goal is to drink a gallon a day. This will make significant changes quickly!!

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