5 Reasons You Are Not Seeing Results In Your Fitness Goals

It’s the start of another week of February which means a few things. 1. We know how many weeks of winter is left (Groundhog Day). 2. There’s no more football ( which sucks for some of us and is heaven for the rest.) 3. The gym is less crowded after the January/ New Year’s Resolution rush (thank god).

After years of training myself and clients, I found some common truths on why you may not be seeing results in your training and nutrition.

1. You are not consistent.

As anything in life, being consistent is a vital part of your success. The great thing about fitness and nutrition is that each day could be the start of you being consistent to achieve success.

Tip: Start your day by drinking 8 oz of water as soon as you wake up. Do this everyday and try not to break the chain.

2. You focus on spot training & ignore other muscle groups.

Yes, a great set of arms and abs are great to look at, but trying to spot train and ignoring the rest of your body will not give you results. Yes, you can give your abs and arms more attention, but you have to attack the whole body for it to change.

Tip: Get a routine that focuses on the whole body.

3. You don’t take supplements.

“I don’t think they actually work” and “are supplements a scam?” are the comments and questions I have heard when it comes to supplements. First thing: they do work! Supplements are not the magic pill to results, but if you add/supplement them to what you are already doing, it will enhance your ability to achieve results.

4. The gym is not a social party.

The gym is one of my favorite places on earth, but it can also be a huge social distraction. Even though everyone is there trying to achieve their goals, talking to friends in between sets or having a buddy can actually hurt you rather than help you because you get distracted and the time between sets can prolong your stay at the gym as well take you out of the “fat-burning zone” and diminish your momentum.

Tip: Go to the gym during non peak hours to keep you away from distractions.

5. You are not realistic about results and the timeframe needed to achieve them.

As a coach, one of the most popular reasons for stopping that I hear from clients is that “I didn’t see results so I quit.” I first ask what’s the goal and what’s the timeframe you want to achieve this goal. This process I put all of my clients through is setting the right expectations mentally. As a coach, my job is to give you the game plan, tools for success, and advice to make adjustments during the process for you to obtain the goal. I strive to push you but also be realistic.

Tip: Contact me, tell me your goal/struggles right now, and I will help you achieve it.

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