Defining Success Pt. 1: My Core Pillars

In life we have to answer the question “What do we want out of life?” A common answer is success!! But what is success? It’s different for everyone. It is the most important question in our lives. My workout partner and successful entrepreneur Tom D Smith and I had a great conversation the other day about this topic. After much thought and many discussions, I have come up with a 3 step method that has helped me define what success means to me. In this post, we we’ll go over the 1st step, developing your core code.

Developing your core code is the key to finding your success. These core pillars are your structure to life and define you. Here are my 5 core pillars and what they mean to me.

  • Family: (Family and key friendships is what fuels me everyday to become successful.)
  • Creativity: (Continue to create, improve, and help others create their best self.)
  • Respect: (Giving respect and demanding the same in return develops strength and honor.)
  • High Standards: (Holding your self accountable to something bigger in life.)
  • Mind & Body: (The mind and body give us the ability to achieve greatness and live out our code. You have to take care of them.)

The most important thing about these pillars is that there’s no certain order to them. They are all important. At different stages in your life, one may be more important than the other but they’re what defines you and what you stand for. Define your code today and take the first step to define your success.

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