Defining Success Pt. 2: What’s Your Freedom?

As we learned in the first part of defining success knowing your core pillars is very key. After you have figured out the next part defining what’s freedom is to you can very simple. When it comes down to it freedom is about 2 things, money and time.

1. Money

Lets be honest with ourselves, we all need money to survive!! The key difference is how much money do we need to have a lifestyle we want that will make us happy. This is question which the answer changes often at different stages of your life. That’s why it’s so important to develop your own code because the answer to this question will change with what pillar is most important to you at the time. For me right now at this second, family and creating are the pillars that are really important for me currently. My son is 3 and is growing everyday. I want to create a life for him that makes me and him proud. I want him to say “my daddy built that.”

2. Time

This may feel like it doesn’t matter because money is so important, but trust me it’s very different. Dale if I have the money to live the lifestyle I want that makes me happy then I have freedom, WRONG. Having financial means that make you happy doesn’t mean you have freedom all the time. I saw my father have the financial means to do a lot of things he wanted to do for himself, his family, and especially his children, but I didn’t see him really be free or having freedom. To get that financial success or necessities he made of choice to give up a lot of time. This was normal to me until I met my best friend Brett and his dad. He had financial means to live a good life, but he had freedom to do things he wanted as well. This made me think clearly about defining my definition of freedom.

In conclusion freedom is time and money. They work hand in hand. The hardest thing is define what success looks like in these two categories. that is solely up to you. My number piece of advice is to not be so hard on yourself and remember it will change with the seasons in your life. Thanks for taking the time and don’t forget to read part 1 defining your core pillars.