In life we wear many hats. I’m a son, a trainer, a friend, an entrepreneur, and a father. All of these many hats come with different responsibilities, dreams, failures, and successes. This can create a whole lot of confusion and anxiety because we have so many different aspects in our life competing for our time and resources. Sometimes it is easier to fall back to our routines and avoid focusing on the difficult tasks that we are responsible for.

One of the elements to success is focus. It’s an element that you have to continue to practice and get better at every day. Focus is the element I have the most difficulty. In a recent life changing decision, I learned how tough it is to focus on what’s most important vs. what I want to focus on because I enjoy it. The main thing I’ve learned is that you may have to give up what you are good at to do what is hard!

For example, I’m good at fitness and nutrition. I started doing physique competitions last year to take my fitness and nutrition to another level and really enjoyed it. Prepping for a competition it takes up a lot of time in the gym and a lot of focus on nutrition. I made a tough decision and decided not to compete in an upcoming competition I’ve been preparing for a long time. This broke my soul and it was very hard for me to accept. I knew I had to make a decision about where I want to succeed, my business or physique competitions. I decided to pursue my entrepreneur/business even though it requires a set of skills that does not come as easily as my fitness/nutrition focus.

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