The Summer Weekend Plan

It’s mid May and the days are starting to get crazy hot which means that summertime is rapidly approaching. This means outdoor patios, bars, and BBQ season is right at our front door and our weekends are about to be so much fun. There’s one downside about all the summer fun which is trying to keep that summer body you worked all winter for or staying on track to get that perfect body you have been working so hard for. Here are a few tips to help you stay on that summer body track.

1. Take control over your morning.

Usually most of our summertime activities are in the afternoon and evening, so in the morning we can start the day with success. This can lead to better decisions during the rest of the day by creating a domino affect with your food.

2. Make sure to do cardio/exercise before your planned activity.

Burning calories by completing cardio or exercise is better than nothing. Keep moving forward and your body will respond.

3. Don’t get down on yourself!

Remember if you had one meal that’s less than ideal, it’s only one meal. Don’t to be too hard on yourself. Bounce back and keep your eye on the prize.

If you stick to these 3 principles when approaching your summer festivities you will be fine and keep progressing towards your goal.

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