Tips To Speed Up Your Metabolism

The biggest question I receive from clients is “How do I speed up my metabolism?” Well here are a few action steps you can take today to speed up your metabolism to reach your weight loss goals.

1. Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is key to fitness and nutrition success. Look at your body like this: if food is fuel to your body, then water is the oil to your body. The oil of your car needs to be clean to function at high capacity as does your body. My #1 tip is to drink 8 oz of water as soon as you wake up. This will jump start your day.

2. Cut out or cut down all sugar

Getting rid of all sugar for a week will have a huge impact on your body and metabolism. If you eat a lot of sugar, I would first cut back than cut out completely. Do 2 things: 1. get a calendar and 2. start by not having sugar past 3pm. Then the week after that cut sugar out after noon and then on the 3rd week cut it out completely. Everyday you complete this, mark a X on that day. Your main job is to not break that chain.

3. Keep Moving!

My dad was a doctor and going to the hospital to see his patients with him was a regular thing, but the one thing that always stuck out to me is that we always took the stairs when going to different floors. I used to hate this and would always complain, but now I understand. My dad never went to a gym and did cardio, but he made life his own cardio machine. He just kept it moving every chance he could. Most people over complicate this tip. Just keep it simple and make it work for you. If it is parking far from the door, then do that. Just make it work for you.

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