5 Things You Should Know Today

1. There is still hope for avocado lovers

With the recent avocado shortage, avocado lovers have been feeling down. However, cheer up because there is some good news- farmers are about to discover Newmethods of growing them in California all year round. At the moment, there are three varieties of avocados that can survive the hottest and coldest months in California. (NPR)

2. Scientists have discovered another reason why we need to exercise

Elle Woods found out that exercise prompts the production of endorphins by the body; thus making you happy. New research reveals that exercise can trigger an upsurge of positive feelings that are carried forward to the next day. Now you have another reason to sweat. (The Cut)

3. Do you make impulsive decisions? It might have something about testosterone

Recent research shows that when men have high testosterone levels have higher chances of relying on their feelings more than facts when making decisions. They also rarely realize when they are wrong. Perhaps this is not a good quality to have but- remember knowledge is power! (Science Daily)

4. Here’s why we need to ban trans-fat turkey

A recent study shows that New York counties that have regulated trans-fats in restaurants have had fewer hospital admissions for cardiac conditions such as heart attack and stroke by 6.2 percent as compared to those who haven’t imposed the ban within the last three years. (Harvard School of public Health)

5. Napping is the modern spinning

David Llyod Health Clubs, a gym that is well known in the U.K., has surprised many by its New service. The gym now offers napping services, mainly targeting exhausted parents. This service gives participants a chance to nap at a temperature made to burn calories while you sleep. Sounds fantastic, right? (BBC)